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Drums in the Dark is a roleplaying game that tells the stories of the outcasts, entrepreneurs and explorers who have taken the leap of moving to the recently formed colony of Kassoa. The decadent Su'ndari Empire owns the colony and it is from within those arid shores that the characters were drawn. Miles and miles of Ocean seperate the colony from the mainland and the jungles are both unfamiliar and deadly to those who do not understand their mysteries.. There are many riches to be had for those brave enough to venture into those humid depths. Will you be the one to find them?

In the decadent capital city of the arid Su'ndari Empire a woman about whom the fates swirl begs the celestials to aid a husband lost at sea. The husband, beloved despite the odds, sends up a bellow of warning as his merchant vessel, driven beyond control by an oceanic tempest splinters in white water. A crew is forced to the water, wrecked upon a foreign shore…

None could have anticipated what was to come from that single moment of panic as survival forced all else from human minds. None would guess that they were about to become part of history itself.

Drums in the Dark is a text based multi-player roleplaying game set in an unknown land where tales of discovery and survival are woven around the actions of the players. A place where there are mysteries to be learnt, riches to be gained and hardships to be fought. A place where every action may have consequences that spread in a ripple across an Empire.