An overview of available armor.


This figure shows a man wearing a scale hauberk, a scale helmet, cloth tunic, boots and a pair of cloth trousers. The scale hauberk is being worn over a padded tunic which can just be made out at the edge of the sleeves and hauberk.

Available Armour

Piece Image Locations
Mail Hauberk chainhauberk.gif Upper Body, Lower Body, Groin, Hips, Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms, Thighs.
Padded Tunic paddedtunic.gif Upper Body, Lower Body, Hips, Groin, Thighs, Shoulders, Biceps.
Padded Trousers paddedtrousers.jpg Hips, Thighs, Calves
Scale Hauberk scalehauberk.gif Upper Body, Lower Body, Groin, Hips, Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms
Brigandine Cuirass brigandine.jpg Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoulders
Chainmail Tunic chaintunic.jpg Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoulders, Hips, Groin, Thighs
Breastplate breastplate.jpg Upper Body, Lower Body
Leather Cuirass leathercuirass.jpg Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoulders, Hips, Groin
Linen Cuirass linencuirass.jpg Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoulders, Hips, Groin
Scale Shoulder Guards scaleshoulders.jpg Shoulders, Biceps
Chainmail Shoulder Guards chainshoulders.jpg Shoulders
Leather Shoulder Guards leathershoulders.jpg Shoulders
Pterygyes armorskirt.jpg Hips, Lower Body, Groin, Thighs
Metal Helmet metalhelm.jpg Head, Neck
Scale helm scalehelm.jpg Head
Leather Helm leatherhelm.jpg Head
Helmet with Faceplace
Head, Neck, Face
Mail Coif chaincoif.jpg Head, Neck
Padded/Cloth Coif clothcoif.jpg Head, Neck
Scale Forearm Guards scalebracer.jpg Forearms
Wrist Guards bracer.jpg Forearms
Steel Forearm Guards steelarmguards.jpg Forearms
Chainmail Sleeves chainsleeves.jpg Biceps, Forearms
Leather Gloves gloves.jpg Hands
Scale Gauntlets scalegauntlet.jpg Hands
Thigh Guards thighgreave.jpg Thighs
Chainmail Leggings chainlegging.jpg Thigh, Calves
Scale Greaves scalebracer.jpg Calves
Steel Greaves steelgreaves.jpg Calves

Armour Materials

Steel Scale Mail Chain Mail Brigantine Leather Linen
steel2.jpg scalemail2.jpg chainmail2.jpg brigandine2.jpg leather2.jpg linen2.jpg

Armour Accessories

Name Image Note
Quiver quiver.jpg Stores Arrows and Bolts
backpack backpack.jpg Handy storage object
Tunic tunic.jpg Basic Clothing
Trousers trousers.jpg Basic Clothing
Pouch pouch.jpg Storage Object
Scabbard scabbard.jpg Not coded as a seperate object but should be assumed when appropriate
Calf Boots boots.jpg Footwear
Sandals sandals.jpg Footwear
Cape capes.jpg Clothing
Banner warbanner.jpg Accessory
Cloak cloaks.jpg Clothing

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