Brideprice Calculation

The brideprice is a transfer of wealth that occurs as part of the marriage contract. Whilst there is no legal requirement that a brideprice be paid there is a social requirement and should the brideprice be waived it is likely that people will assume that there is something wrong with the bride. The brideprice is paid to the brides House as compensation for the lack of her contributions and as a sign of respect and honor. Houses gain social status by receiving and paying large Brideprice so it can be a major issue when the behaviour of a family member results in a Brideprice being reduced.

To help people work out what an appropriate brideprice you can use the calculation below:

Base: 25,000
Bride Bloodline: +10000 per category above none
Groom Bloodline: -10000 for each above and +10000 for each below the brides
Bloodline categories are: None (disowned), very low, low, quite low, below average, average, above average, quite high, high, very high and extremely high.

Then the following multipliers are added together and then applied
Promiscuous groom x1.5
Promiscuous bride x0.25
Dishonoured/branded bride x0.05
Dishonoured/branded groom x1.95
Virgin bride x1.2
Homosexual bride x0.5
Homosexual Groom x1.5
Bastard (Father-Less) bride x0.1
Bastard (Father-Less) groom x1.9
Betrothal already in place (with intended) x0.9

So a virgin bridge with a high bloodline and a groom with a high bloodline would have a base bloodprice as follows: 25,000 (+10000 x 8) - 0 = 105000
Then you take the multipliers and apply them. So 105000 x 1.2 (virgin bride) = 126000 x 0.9 (betrothal in place) = 113400
So the minimum socially accepted brideprice is 113400 dinars or goods of equal value.