Kassoan Houses


The Su'ndi House or Family is usually organised around a single (or group of) businesses which the family itself owns and manages. The House may hire other individuals from other houses to do certain aspects of the labour towards this business and there are several houses who's business is almost exclusively based upon work for other houses. In this way there are houses that are centered around managing mines, plantations and trade companies and there are also houses that are centered upon labouring in those same mines and plantations and well as in the family run workshops which supply the trade companies with the goods they transport.

Things are a little different in a frontier province such as Kassoa as Houses more readily adopt people into the fold. As a result Kassoan Houses tend to be more diverse, housing people of multiple backgrounds and multiple vocations. They will still aim towards establishing one or more family businesses but the youth of the Houses means that many have yet to achieve this goal.

In Su'ndi society the House is everything. Membership in a house does not only gain you a group of people to work with and share life with but it also gives the family member full citizenship within the region the family belongs to. Without citizenship and thus without family a man (or woman) has few rights and fewer privileges.


House Anassid

Founded by members of the Kihoa City based House Anass.
The symbol of House Anassid is a ruby hippocampus upon a malachite background. (bright red and dark green)
House Anassid currently boast the largest/only horse herds. They are the main suppliers of metal.
Current leaders: Sahin

House Kassanid

The symbol of House Kassanid is a sapphire peacock on an amber background. (bright blue and bright yellow)
Founded by members of the Capital City based House Kassan.
House Kassanid currently boasts the biggest collection of pets and falcons. They also have the colonies best doctor. They dominate the spice and lumber industries.

Current leaders: Daven and Roslian

House Delrineid

Founded by members of the Arloa based House Delrine.
The symbol of House Delrineid is an ivory elephant upon a tullite background. (dark blue and highlighted white)
House Delrineid currently boasts the largest herds of sheep, cows and other livestock. They also have a strong agricultural and weaving industrial base.

Current leaders: Amref and Kiria

House Sabunid

Founded by members of the Ajayoa based House Sabunef and the extinct Liminoa based House Heronis.
The symbol of House Sabunid is an amethyst hummingbird upon an amber background. (dark purple and bright yellow)
House Sabunid boasts the largest arable lands. The house is heavily involved in agriculture and the processing of agricultural products.

Current leaders: Zifan and Mera

House Ankineid

Founded by members of the Suroa province based House Paluris.
The symbol of House Ankineid is an emerald tiger upon an onyx background (bright green and highlighted black)
House Ankineid boasts the greatest metalworkers.

Current leaders: Sanib and Pelara

House Efranis

Founded by members of the declining Elsijoa province based House Jalinid.
The symbol of House Efranis is a heavily stylised pearl sea creature/mahseer upon a turquoise background. (white and bright cyan)
House Efranis is currently the greatest crafting House. The greatest artists and clothiers belong to this House.

Current leaders: Hizad and Nirmala


Perros and Sanja

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