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A few years ago a ship captain called Danuk Kassan got lost at sea. His ship the Wing of Kassan crashed upon a foreign shore - a shore we now know as Kassoa. Danuk and his crew worked to repair the ship and eventually split into two groups. One group returned to the mainland and eventually met with Danuk's wife, Shakti Kassan. The other group remained in Kassoa to start the work of establishing a colony. When Shakti received this news she immediately saw the potential for the House. She used the ship load of exotic furs and spices and precious timber to convince others to join her in an expedition to establish a proper colony out in Kassoa.
Funding was collected from many houses each of which sought a piece of the export from the colony and an invitation was made: Take up our offer to move to Kassoa and if we accept you we will provide you with passage, land and other needs to enable you to set up a new House on the other end. Six groups were chosen to begin with and they formed the first six houses. Those six teams joined the fleets and set sail across the sea to the new colony with livestock, goods and debt slaves enough to get them started. The funding houses will supply the ships for export. The rest is up to the young houses.

Kassoan History