The Su'ndari people truly have no idea about the full size of the planetoid upon which they live and even the most ill educated Su'ndari citizen is aware that much of their home world remains unknown to them. The better educated amongst the people are aware of the existence of the Anjanalan Kingdom but most have no idea that it even exists because only two Su'ndi have ever managed to sail to the mysterious land. The Kassoan Peninsula, where the MUX takes place, is also a place of mystery and unknown perils. It has been known to the Su'ndi people for less than a generation and many wonderous stories of exploration and discovery are still slowly filtering back home along with new and exciting spices, timbers and luxury goods.

The empire does not truly understand the setup of their local universe but they are keenly aware of the impact of the heavens upon their daily lives. The study of the heavens is a holy science elevated to religion yet most remain ignorant of the precise nature of the gas giant that provides a daily reminder of their Gods and the other planetoids which orbit out of normal sight.

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Ajayoa is one of the few places in the empire capable of producing the wood required for the massive ocean going battleships which have provided much of the empires recent strength. The Ajayoan river valleys are the most fertile in the Su'ndi lands.

The Ajayoan trade city Gyroa sits along the length of the Davrini river which connects the Su'ndi and Suroa regions. Gyroa is one of the oldest settlements within the Su'ndari Empire. The stoic people are very self sufficient region which sees a great deal of merchant travel.


Su'ndi is the bithplace and heart of the Empire. Many of the great schools are homed in the great city and the region is quite rightly known as the seat of all learning held by the Su'ndari peoples. If there was a genetic stamp upon the Su'ndari people it has faded during the generations since the outer regions were absorbed into the homeland.


The once fertile lands of Elsijoa have mostly dried up, desert reclaiming much of the ancient farmlands that once fed the region, and if it wasn't for the important strategic value of the naval port in the area it might have been abandoned entirely. The people have swarthy skin, green or hazel eyes and frizzy brown hair.


Liminoa is a province that has been torn apart by civil conflict. The people have tan skin, brown ringletted hair and light brown eyes.


Arloa retains an unusual level of independence within the Su'ndari empire. They are a patriarchal race with long traditions of both slavery and serfism. The Arloan people are amongst the fairest in the Empire with light skin, light brown hair and grey eyes.


10 years ago a merchant heading from Ajoya to Kaffoa encountered a bad storm and was blown off course. Eventually they reached an outcrop of land and the Kassoan Peninsula was discovered. It was 5 years before the people were able to return and tell of their discovery and another 5 before the Kassoan colony, as it exists now, was formed. These days the merchant family running the colony offer heavily discounted passage to any who are eager or desperate enough to make the dangerous voyage to the steamy jungles that await them.


The capital of Kihoa is a great city that manages the trade needs of the many desert tribes that inhabit the region.The "ruling house" is notorious for it's hands off attitude and the house members are rarely seen even within the trade city itself. The culturally tolerant population is known to be takk with brown skin, glossy black hair and dark eyes.


Tamoa is an extremely wealthy region. It has the benefit of being a well rounded region able to export food, spices and skilled goods such as weapons and metals. It is famous for spawning thespians and the people are known to be proud, boisterous and quick to bouts of passion.

The people tend towards copper skin, brown eyes and extremely curly dark brown hair.


Suroa is a major industrial region full of foundries and smithing workshops that provides much of the Empires demand for weapons, armor and tools. It home to one of the most distinctive cultural groups within the empire; the people tend towards olive skin with green eyes and straight dark hair

The heights are ranges so men would be between 5'7 and 5'11 ish and women between 5'4 and 5'8ish. With Kihoans being between 5'10-6'2 and 5'7-5'11.