Attributes are used to quantify a characters natural ability in a specific field. Attributes are rated from 1 to 5 normally with a maximum of 6 for truly extraordinary individuals. They are rated using the following basic scale:

1: Child - Have extreme difficulty doing tasks within this field.
2: Teenager - Have difficulty doing tasks within the field.
3: Average Adult - Have a reasonable chance of success.
4: Talented Adult - Find tasks within this field easy.
5: Exceptional Adult - Find tasks within this field extremely easy.

Attributes are split into three categories: Physical, Mind and Character/Social.

Physical Attributes

Size - A measure of your physical size
Endurance - How well you deal with physical stresses such as sickness, damage and fatigue.
Strength - How much physical power a character can bring to bear. How strong they are.
Agility - The ability to be graceful, accurate and nimble in their movements.
Coordination - The skillful and effective interaction of movements. Hand-eye coordination.
Reflexes - How quickly and effectively you can respond to physical stimuli. How quickly you can dodge.

Mind Attributes

Attention - Ability to focus, remember details and concentrate despite distractions.
Willpower - Strength of will and ability to resist efforts by others to alter the previously intended course of action. Dedication.
Logic - Ability to apply reason to a task. To think logically.
Ingenuity - The quality of being cleverly inventive, resourceful and creative.
Presence - How your natural state of being effects those around you. A complicated attribute to describe and quantify.
Perception - The ability to use and acuity of your physical senses.

Character/Social Attributes

Eloquence - Ability to use language with fluency and aptness.
Sanity - Soundness of judgment and/or reason. Common sense.
Spirituality - Level of concern with things which affect the spirit, soul and spiritual wellbeing.
Allure - How attractive the character is. Magnetic charm. Beauty.
Sensitivity - Ability to notice when things are out of place. Empathy.
Courage - The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to confidently face danger, difficulty and pain.

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