(last edited november 2011)


A characters vocation is by no means limited to the list below. Whilst some vocations do have restrictions upon them most do not and you are welcome to periodically update your vocation to read anything that you consider appropriate (once every six months at maximum. Anything offensive or inappropriate will result in the vocation being edited and this privilege being revoked.) However we have provided a list to help you decide what will be appropriate for you during chargen and gameplay:



Not generally recommended

  • Any Criminal - limited opportunities/code
  • ARCHITECT - An architect character is responsible for pricing, ordering and communicating with staff about building on the grid.
  • BOOKIE - Requires the ability to personally setup and run books. Limited events to run books upon. Very player intensive.
  • DUELLIST - Only viable when duelling is commonly performed.
  • CARTOGRAPHER - No ingame support.
  • SOCIALITE - You need to be financially supported by others.
  • SAILOR - Sailor's will not have access to ships or other sailing things ic'ly.
  • PROSTITUTE - No code income. Supported by other players.

Roster/In-game creation Only



  • ASSASSIN - Not currently permitted
  • PIRATE - No game support
  • SOLDIER - No military base.
  • POLICE - Police are not a concept the Su'ndari would be willing to accept.
  • SLAVE - PC slaves are not permitted