The exact date is determined each year according to the measurements taken by the holy men but it usually occurs at the beginning of October.

The harvest festival begins at dusk on the day when livestock is slaughtered in preparation for the leaner times of the storage season.

During the following days it is traditional for the patriarch of the family to welcome any who's shadow crosses your door to share in the hospitality of the house and for the matriarch to ensure that food and drink is always available within. Other family members spend their time visiting with each of their friends and neighbours in order to renew the bonds of friendship which link the community.

It is a time when new friendships are forged, old friendships renewed and families are strengthened. Marriages and betrothals are traditionally negotiated at this times and children born during this period are said to be blessed with many friends.

Violence and theft are very rare during harvest as food is plentiful and it is the time when the traditions of hospitality are strongest. Marriages and other personal ceremonies are delayed until after the festival has finished.

It ends on the dawn of the sixth day. Thus if it began at dusk on the 5th of October it would end at dawn on the 11th.