Personal Details

Family Vocation DOB POB Birth Family Position
Jasmine Companion in Training Dec 25, 427 ID Su'ndi ? Heir


Height Weight Hair Skin Eyes
5'5" 120 LB Dark Brown Golden Tan Green-Hazel


Who Names
Mother Hyacinth
Betrothed Arum
Siblings None
Children None

Background Brief

Amaryllis has spent over half her life in the outpost and is fairly well known there. The teenager is currently training to be a companion when she comes of age and can often be found in the Jasmine house's baths and gambling hall keeping glasses full and honing her flirting skills.


Coming soon (hopefully)


Amaryllis' temper is quick and those who know her well know to avoid it. Even those who don't frequent the Flowerhouse may have heard rumors in regards to her rare but sometimes violent outbursts.

RP Hooks

Some people may at first think the Companions exist solely for sex but this is not at all the case. Think more Geishas or Courtesans. Given Amary's age (and betrothal) she's off limits that way any how for the next few years but services she can attend to at the Flowerhouse for men and women include but are not limited to:

- Serving Drinks/Food
- Working in the baths
- Singing / preforming
- Massages (Both for the body and ego)
- Providing relaxing conversation that is entirely devoid of nagging
- Hair cuts and styling advice
- Assistance arranging social events
- Arranging private rooms for meetings / gatherings / etc.
- Judging physical competitions
- Sparring (so long as mother doesn't find out)
- Dealing for card games
- Relationship advice (or at least an ear to vent on)
- Gossip (but never about anything that happens in or involving the Flowerhouse)
- Please inquire about other services via messenger or in person

Other RP hooks:

- Amaryllis is always trying to stay ahead of the trends, if you make something pretty she probably wants to have at least a working relationship with you
- Amaryllis insists the Flowerhouse keeps the best food and drink on hand, are you an exceptional cook or brewer? She probably wants to know you too.
- Amaryllis is quietly interested in learning to beat things up, are you a combat teacher? Want a student?
- Amaryllis is a very commanding young lady but she's looking to refine those skills as well, are you a manager of some sort? A leader or a politician? Willing to take a young lady under your wing?