Personal Details

Family Vocation DOB POB Birth Family Position
Sabunid Champion 01 Jun 422 Liminoa Heronis Champion


Height Weight Hair Skin Eyes
5'7" 150 Ringletted Light Brown Tan Light Brown


Who Names
Parents Soran, Ataia
Spouse None
Siblings Sorin(dead), Hoffan, Mera.
Children None

Background Brief

Atara served an apprenticeship in the military academy and Liminoan militaries. She served in the Liminoan conflicts. When House Heronis collapsed she left the region with her sister, joined up with the Sabunef siblings, and then came to Kassoa as one of the founding members.

Triumphs and Scandals

Nothing of Note


In the first months of 449ID Atara fought a tiger and then took on a bear in the same hunting session. She was injured badly enough that only Daven's medical skills saved her life. She hasn't suffered any obvious long term effects.

Current Involvements

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