Personal Details

Family Vocation DOB POB Birth Family Position
Agatam Historian May 25 413 Kihoa Anass N/A


Height Weight Hair Skin Eyes
5'9" 140lbs Blue-Black Dark Tan Jet Black


Who Names
Parents Firdos, Noelani
Siblings Dardan, Ovidio, Amilia, Katina
Spouse Dimitar
Children None

Background Brief

Kasmira has had a life of comfort and luxury, blessed enough to become a scholar and historian. It could be said that Anass's wealth raised her rather than her family; she never really knew her parents and every close relationship she's had has been prematurely ended by travel, ambition or destiny. She'd never planned to come to Kassoa but when Amilia sent her evidence of an ancient civilization, she couldn't possibly resist. When she arrived she was welcomed into House Zeru, and soon betrothed to Dimitar Agatam.


- Kasmira was one of the first to make contact with a native, K'Lya, from the Klyan tribe when he wandered into town. After that she learned his language and acted as a translator for him and her fellow su'ndari.

- Named Matriarch of House Zeru.

- Kasmira quickly mustered a small cavalry to ride to the jungle to aid the Klyan tribe, which had come under attack from the Ank'ya. Her brother Ovidio lead the raid and she came along as a translator. While the raid was widely considered a success, ending with the capture of some of the Ank'ya warriors, Kasmira seems to have a different opinion and does not like to discuss it.

- Married Dimitar Agatam.


- At the Harvest Festival, Kasmira was the first participant in the archery competition and earned an impressive score of… zero. She didn't hit the target even once. Hopefully they won't make her go through militia training again.

- Katina's wedding gift for Kasmira was rather shocking, to say the least. The marble sculpture depicted Kasmira - arguably the foremost proponent of peace with the natives - clad in armor and smirking as she used a spear to impale a native held underfoot. Kasmira was visibly affected by its unveiling, and while she managed to maintain her composure, rumor has it the sisters are no longer speaking.

Current Involvements