Personal Details

Family Vocation DOB POB Birth Family Position
Jasmine Companion October 6th, 417 ID Su'ndi Unknown Full Companion


Height Weight Hair Skin Eyes
5'9" 140 lbs Curly Dark Brown Tan Copper Brown


Who Names
Parents Unknown
Spouse Unmarried
Siblings Hyssop
Children Unknown

Background Brief

I don't remember my mother, let alone have the slightest idea who my father is. They say that she once belonged to a well-off House that plummeted in status, ultimately leaving her without one. At first her life was fine as Hyssop and I were born, but shortly thereafter she became very ill. Unable to pay her debts or care for us, she begged that the Matriarch of the Mahlab house adopt us. Although a little girl would prefer to remain with her mother given the option, it simply could not happen in my case. I couldn't be more grateful that the Mahlab house took us in - I can't even imagine what life would have been like had they not been so kind and generous. I was incredibly young, only a baby at the time. Having my big brother Hyssop remain with me was a real blessing, and - I'm sure - made the whole experience of one so young being ripped away from one's mother less traumatic. The earliest memories I have are nothing but pleasant - laughter and games with other children in the Mahlab gardens, singing lessons, and other happy times.

Naturally as I became older, around the age of 12, I had to take on the role of apprentice companion while my training grew in intensity in a whole spectrum of areas a companion must be proficient in. I became a full companion at the age of 21, and enjoyed the privileges and responsibilities that the position entails. When the Old Matriarch brought me and my brother Hyssop back to her office to ask if we would help found a new Flower House, I was thrilled at the chance. As much as Mahlab House had been the only home I had ever known, the opportunity was one of a lifetime. That leaves me here, in Jasmine House - I am ever glad I made the decision I did.


  • Achieving the status of full companion.


Current Involvements