Personal Details

Family Vocation DOB POB Birth Family Position
Zeru Blacksmith 402ID Suroa Paluris Patriarch


Height Weight Hair Skin Eyes
5'8" 200lbs Straight Medium Black Olive Almandine / Green-Hazel


Who Names
Parents Manasses, Bahiga
Spouse Stefania
Children Andraz, Wafiya, Padmini, Aemilia

Background Brief

Sabri arrived at the Outpost in early of 492ID and has spent a great deal of time establishing himself as a dedicated, and skillful smith among the community. His drive and dedication among the Zeru household have, throughout time, established him as the Patriarch of the house, of which he maintains with a dedicated iron fist of motivation.


Premier smith in the Outpost
Becoming Zeru House Patriarch


Current Involvements

Recently, Sabri has been seen frequenting the Jasmine House in attempt to relieve some of his stress.
In familial news, a new addition to the Zeru house has been approved by his power as Patriarch, and Assarka (formerly of Sahani) is now Assarka Zeru.