COMMAND: +cal <index number>
COMMAND: +cal/add
COMMAND: +cal/del <number>
COMMAND: +cal/day <number>
COMMAND: +cal/month <month>


The first command +cal gives all posted events within 4 days (past and present) of the current day. +cal <index number> provides details of that specific event. The index number can be found by using the +cal command.

+cal/add will lead you through the process of adding a new event to the +cal. +cal/del <number> will delete an event.

The final three commands help with searching the +cal system. +cal/day will get all events happening on the same day as the command is run. +cal/day <number> will return all events on that day of the month and +cal/month <month> will return all events that happen during the month in question.

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