+check <attribute> + <skill>
+check <attribute>
+check <attribute> with <modifier>
+check <attribute> + <skill> with <modifier>


+check is a command that enables you to check an attribute or an attribute/skill combination outside of the coded systems. When coded systems are available it is generally better to use them as they are more suited for the specific occasion. For example the social checks (such as the one listed in +phelp commands con) compare skills and attributes of both parties whilst the combat checks (such as attack) use a much more sophisticated formula to determine success or failure. We also make the assumption that people with skill almost always succeed ie a professional rider will only risk being unhorsed in exceptional circumstances. As a result the main place you will encounter +check is in private scenes, gm'd scenarios and ic competitions.

When no modifier is used in +check the check is assumed to be of average difficulty (Ie someone with skill 2 and attribute 3 will fail roughly half of the time)

When +check is used you will receive a message that either says you fail or that you succeed with a number of degrees of success. These degrees of success can be used to further determine results where appropriate. We are still working to refine what different degrees of success should mean and the current scaling is listed here:

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