Please note that a number of these files may be obsolete. In general the game version is the more accurate. This will change as we get all our ducks in a line and solidify the theme.


To truly understand the culture of the Su'undari, one must have lived in the heart of the empire, Su'ndi. To be a citizen in the homeland means knowing a life few will ever get to have. The wealth from the various settlements and military acquisitions flows steadily through the streets, creating a unheard of standard of living. Luxury has become a right for every citizen. Grand public bath houses and commodities like indoor plumbing in every house creates a content population. While there are leaps and bounds between the impoverished and wealthy, even the poorest live better than many upper classes of other countries.

Of course Su'ndi is but a fraction of the Empires lands. Nations and countless cities have fallen to their might, but the occupants become subject to many of the benefits of being a Su'undari. The Council makes sure to take care of its people, native or not. Thanks to this, the original culture of Su'ndi is nearly indiscernible, as foreign and exotic beliefs filter in and out of the borders. Many settlements and outposts are too secluded to be privy to much luxury, but most people bring small things with them to bring a feeling of home. Once they become established, it is not uncommon to put great effort into re-creating places for art and theatre.

It only follows that their creative expressions are as varied as their people. Everything from music, food, and sculptures show the effects of hundreds of years of combined cultures. Add to it the unique lavish touch of the Su'undari and it makes for a fascinatingly esoteric style. The most notable of their accomplishments is still literary. Massive libraries are dedicated to knowledge of every sort and carefully tended and updated by priests and scholars. A devastating fire centuries back destroyed many of the scrolls regarding their earlier history, creating a few holes in Su'ndis early past. Marring a otherwise vast and impressive collection of information.

Social Dislikes

There are few things that the Su'ndari outright condemn but they do dislike a few things. In public society they are very formal and displays of public affection are so rare that a kiss would draw stares.

There are also a few sins that society will respond to in certain ways.

Contract-Breaking - The worst thing that a Su'ndari can use insult a person. Being branded a contract breaker happens when a su'ndari breaks a contract off. People have to be aware of it so verbal contracts do not always have this problem. Adultery is a form of contract-breaking. Calling a person a contract-breaker is like saying their word is worth less than mud.

Adultery - Whilst the individual House can choose to brush adultery under the carpet if it becomes common knowledge then the Magisters will be forced to divorce the couple and brand any involved children illegitimate.

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