Political Parties

Last updated nov 2011


In the Homeland Provinces the Provincial councils gradually increased to a size where they fractured into multiple groups that followed particular views. Over time these parties were formalised and they adopted a symbol to represent their ideals. It is these symbols that lead to the names. These parties made it easier for House heads to entrust absentee votes in a way that would ensure their general attitudes were maintained during council sessions. Over time they have become very powerful.

Here in Kassoa the provincial council is to small for the parties to exist in the same form. However individual characters, and perhaps even Houses, will often feel an affinity to the viewpoints of one party above the others.

The primary parties are:

Blue Finch (Levellers)

The Blue Finch party stands for social equality and for the most skilled and able to be in positions of power. They believe in the improvement of things for the individual even if that requires an erosion of tradition. They are the strongest voice in favor of peace and diplomacy. They tend to be in opposition with the Golden Lion, Red Vulture and Green Cobra Parties and in support of the Jet Heron.

Red Vulture (Militants)

The Red Vulture party aims to support and achieve the Su'ndari goals through military power. They do not desire a military dictatorship but rather aim to be the dominant force in the world and thus unopposable by their enemies. They tend to be in opposition with the Jet Heron and Blue Finch parties and in support of the Green Cobra.

Jet Heron (Mercantilists)

Jet Heron believe in strength through trade and economic power. The other parties often accuse Jet Heron of being a force for stagnation as they deeply dislike anything which will disrupt markets, trade and economic security. Despite this stigma the Jet Heron party is constantly seeking to improve the quality of life (sewers etc) and bring new things (exotic trade goods etc) into su'ndari life. They tend to be in opposition of Red Vulture and Golden Lion and in support of the Blue Finch.

Green Cobra (Traditionalists)

The green cobra believe in strengthening the Su'ndi people by any means necessary. They usually advocate strengthening laws at the cost of traditional rights and often support unpopular policies such as surveillance and spying. They are actively involved in maintaining the status quo. They tend to be in opposition of Golden Lion and Blue Finch and in support of the Red Vulture.

Golden Lion (Imperialists)

The golden lion party seeks the return of the imperial line and true nobility. Their overall goal is to see all political positions in the hands of the nobility and to create a proper noble class. The current stance is that the golden lion party can best achieve its goals by behaving as nobility should and thus proving that they are the best for the position. Just because the head believes this viewpoint does not mean the rest follow however… They tend to be in opposition with the Green Cobra and Blue Finch Parties and in support of the Red Vulture.