Consciousness and Death

The chance of losing consciousness or dying is dependent upon your total damage level. Vitality and willpower effect the chance of going conscious and vitality, willpower and courage effect the chance of dying. If you are killed then it is very unlikely that you will be revived. If you believe the death was down to a code bug or wish to make a complaint then please let us know as quickly as possible so that a judgment can be made.

Damage Locations

The locations in which a character can be injured are the: face, head, neck, upper body, lower body, groin, hips, left shoulder, right shoulder, left bicep, right bicep, left forearm, right forearm, right hand, left hand, left thigh, right thigh, left calf, right calf, left foot and right foot.

Critical hits (those which have the red HARD in the emit) will always effect one of the following locations: face, head, neck, upper body, lower body or groin.

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Injuries

There is a chance of taking a permanent or semi-permanent injury when you take more than 100 points of damage in total or 50 points to a single location. A staff member will determine the appropriate injury should this happen. Injuries can sometimes be healed by a skilled healer. Semi-Permanent injuries can range between the inconvenient to the life threatening and many will need attentive medical care if they are not to become a permanent handicap. Examples of semi-permanent injuries are seriously broken limbs and internal bleeding whilst examples of permanent injuries are things like losing an eye or getting a nasty scar.

Damage Types

Different weapons do different types of damage. Bruising damage is non-lethal in that it will not count towards the total used in a death roll. For example is I have 50 bruise damage and 50 laceration damage the KO code will count me as having 100 damage but the Death chance will count me as having 50. 50 points of laceration damage is exactly as problematic as 50 points of fracture damage. Different damage types usually require different medicines.

The types are:

  • Abrasion
  • Bruise
  • Laceration
  • Fracture
  • Incision
  • Puncture

How bad is it?

The following is a guide to what damage means in roleplaying terms. It should be remembered that a 50 point fracture is just as debilitating as a 50 point laceration and it should be played out that way. This can be explained at low levels of damage by assuming a fracture to be a bruised bone rather than a break. A high level fracture, especially when permanent damage is involved, could be shattered. Thus it is possible to be equally debilitated by 50 small wounds as one serious one.

Damage Consequence
Level Individual Wound Overall Damage
0-10 Just a scratch
11-25 You notice your injury if you do anything strenuous. It's mostly an annoyance. You're feeling a little rough but you have no doubt that you will be fine.
26-40 When you do anything that involves the wounded area it causes moderate pain. Your feeling rough. Falling unconscious is unlikely but possible.
41-55 Your practically bed bound. Doing anything causes pain. Things are starting to look bad. Falling unconscious is getting more likely and there is a small chance of dying from your wounds.
56-75 You are in serious pain. You can not use the location (or anything linked to it) at all. Things are looking really bad. You probably wont die if you fall unconscious.
76-120 You might have lost that physical location. No matter what the situation is you should be thinking of escape. The chance of falling unconscious is high and the chance of death is creeping upwards.
121-150 You've probably lost that physical location. Death is starting to look likely. You probably have a semi-permanent injury.
151-200 You've probably lost that physical location. You are probably drifting in and out of consciousness. It's amazing you're still alive. You probably have a permanent injury.
201-280 You've definitely lost that physical location and the shock and trauma from the injury is likely to kill you even if you survive the initial wound. Surviving at all is a miracle. You're probably crippled.
280+ Your Dead. Survival is impossible.

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