Example Concept Character

** Examplia **
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Personal Details

Family Vocation DOB POB Birth Family Status DOD POD COD
Example Farmwife 6th Feb 420 Kihoa Example Single N/A N/A N/A

Examplia is a vivacious and outgoing girl that is a bit of a klutz.


Height Weight Hair Skin Eyes
5'4" 140lbs straight black olive oak brown

A young woman with an elegant neck, Examplia has oak brown eyes, long straight black hair and olive skin. Examplia appears to weigh about 140 pounds and stands about 5'4" tall. Player Added.

Description Pending


Who Names
Parents Fathero, Mothero
Siblings Sistera, Sisterb
Spouse Unmarried
Children None

Background Brief

Examplia has lived a sheltered life within her family home. They moved to the local region when she was still a girl.





Current Involvements