Example Roster Character

** Examplia **
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Personal Details

Family Vocation DOB POB Birth Family Status DOD POD COD
Example Farmwife 6th Feb 420 Kihoa Example Single N/A N/A N/A

Examplia has often been described as a perfect example of what a good parent can achieve. She is vivacious, charming and generally upbeat and her manners are rarely anything less than perfect. Her dress taste is generally tasteful and refined but she has a definite taste for the exotic and expensive. Unfortunately she also demonstrates a taste for the exotic and unsuitable suitors and this causes her family a great deal of consternation despite the fact that she has never been improper in public. She holds herself with grace and elegance, like a woman from a good family should, but she is always fighting her natural tendency towards clumsiness. She often drops things during her cooking duties and has been known to trip or stumble when distracted.


Height Weight Hair Skin Eyes
5'4" 140lbs straight black olive oak brown

A young woman with an elegant neck, Examplia has oak brown eyes, long straight black hair and olive skin. Examplia appears to weigh about 140 pounds and stands about 5'4" tall. This young woman carries herself with a sense of easy confidence that sets of her long limbs and elegant neck to perfection. Her curves are understated yet lovely and the sparkle of life in those lash fringed oak brown eyes warms her entire face.


Who Names
Parents Fathero, Mothero
Siblings Sistera, Sisterb
Spouse Unmarried
Children None

Background Brief

I remember boarding the ship when we came to the outpost. I was young then and I remember the bustle of men and animals, the pressure of my mothers skirt against my face and the kindness of the crew as they responded to my obvious terror. I don't know why I was so scared, perhaps it was the noise, perhaps it was the nervous energy of my family or perhaps it was just the fact that I had never been to the docks before. Whatever it was I have never felt it since. I remember that the crew would treat me to slices of orange when I would smile at them and that they would laugh and act just like any other man and I stopped fearing them. Don't get me wrong, I know sailors can be a dangerous bunch but they are just men and all men can be tamed if you know what you are doing. I wish I did know what I was doing but my family are so very protective that I rarely escaped from the house until I was well into my teens and I am so young yet. Perhaps I shall marry one of those sailors. Perhaps not. Who knows what the future holds? All I know is that I shall face it with a smile and a laugh.





Current Involvements