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House agatam were founded by the Su'ndi based House Kassan - the same house which boasted the discoverer Danuk amongst its members. House Agatam possesses several merchant vessels which they use to maintain a trade route between Kassoa and a Suroan port on the mainland. The family also owns and manages the docks and associated industries.

House Agatam is without a doubt the original Kassoan family. It was Danuk's tradeship that found the new land in an ill fated crash and it was Danuk's wife and immediate family who turned a newly discovered piece of jungle into a fledgeling colony. Although Danuk (then part of the once noble House Kassan) would never live to see the founding of House Agatam he is a huge source of pride for the Agatam's that now reside there. When word was received from Danuk by Shakti, his now deceased wife, that they should gather resources and friends and immigrate to this new world she did it with a great deal of efficiency and skill. House Agatam made deals with the individuals who would later be instrumental in founding House Uneli and House Zeru. These three founding families put together an impressive fleet full of supplies, indentured labourers and of course the individuals who would form each new family.

This fleet arrived in 413 ID and the three families have spent years putting together the current mines, clearing farmland, building the outpost to support future trade and setting up the land plots which would provide a place for new arrivals to set down roots.

It was four years before the first exports were ready to be sent back to the homeland and sixteen more before other individuals decided to risk all by joining the Agatam's in the task of making Kassoa great. The Agatam's are not just a House, without them the outpost simply wouldn't exist; They discovered the land, they risked everything to occupy it and it is their parent family that runs many of the ships which bring precious resources into the region.

The House symbol is a gharial and the house colours/stones are jade and opal.

Positions Held

Positions held by members of the family include:

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Kassan Line


Gieva Line



405: Danuk Agatam's vessel crashed on the Kassoa Peninsula
410: Word was received by Shakti back in the Su'ndi province of her husbands situation and the preparation stage for colonisation began.
413: The first ship with Shakti, Uxio, Esmail and Maytal arrives.
413: Ships carrying members from the Uneli and Zeru family along with a number of indentured labourers and supplies arrive. Colony building begins.
413: Danuk's campsite is discovered. There is no sign of the survivors.
414: Dimitar is born to Uxio and Maytal
417: Agatam merchant fleet began to export goods back to Suroa
423: Raisa arrived as part of a betrothal agreement that would see her marry Esmail
423: Maytana is born to Uxio and Maytal
424: Raisa and Esmail Marry
425: Efraim is born to Raisa and Esmail
430: Maytal dies
430: Nikhil, Lujza, Zenan and Niamh arrive.
430: House Agatam is founded with Uxio as Patriarch and Shakti as Matriarch.
431: Uxio is given official approval making him the Kassoan Governor
431: Uxio steps down as Patriarch and Esmail replaces him.
431: Esmail is voted in as Land Manager
431: Shakti is voted in as Harbour Master
433: Leticia is born to Raisa and Esmail
437: Junaid gets a retirement bonus and uses it to transport himself and his wife Bahiyya and son Zedekiah to Kassoa.
438: Junaid, Bahiyya and Zedekiah are adopted into House Agatam.
438: Radu and Violeta arrive
439: Radu and Violeta are adopted into House Agatam.
440: Raniya arrives
441: Betrothals agreed with Zeru House between Dimitar & Kasmira and Ifan & Maytana.
441: Faiz arrives
442: Shakti dies
442: Kahlil arrives and is adopted into House Agatam.
442: Raisa takes over as Matriarch
442: Faiz and Raniya are adopted into the household.
443: Betrothal agreements conclude between the Agatam and Zeru for Niamh to wed Pehr.
443: Efraim is voted in as Harbour Master
443: Danna and her illegitimate daughter Sasha arrive and are adopted into House Agatam.
443: Dimitar takes over as Patriarch
nov 443: Stela arrives and is adopted into House Agatam.
443: Kasmira and Dimitar marry and Kasmira joins House Agatam
dec 443: The betrothal between Pehr and Niamh is cancelled.
Jan 444: Uxio reclaims the Patriarchy

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Living Members Deceased/Other
Uxio Danuk
Raisa Shakti
Esmail Maytal
Efraim Anata

Current Matriarch: Raisa
Current Patriarch: Uxio

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