House Ankineid
Family Brief



House Ankineid is a Kassoan Founding House that was itself founded by members of the Suroa province based House Paluris.

It is too early to determine the behaviour of House Ankineid but it is probable that they will tend towards those employed by House Paluris. House Paluris is a House that has been embroiled in an indirect conflict with House Tannuous for the position of most powerful House within the Suroan province. As a result they are well known for their skill and subtlety in the political arena. It is strongly suspected that House Paluris regularly indulges in acts of espionage, sabotage and propaganda. House Paluris is a traditionalist House that has long supported the Green Cobra political party.

House Ankineid currently has economic interests in the metalworking and woodworking trades.


Family Tree


May 448ID - Harifa, Yonnif, Pelara, Sanib, Fazul, Jalayne, Eisan and Latima arrive on the fast merchant vessel "Sea Falcon"
May 448ID - Pelara becomes Founding Matriarch
May 448ID - Sanib becomes Founding Patriarch