House Delrineid
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House Delrineid
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House Delrineid is a founding House begun by members of House Delrine, a wealthy Arloan House.

As House Delrineid was founded by members of House Delrine it is reasonable to expect them to behave in similar ways. House Delrine believes is a defensive focused House that favors the building of alliances. They believe in a caste like society where each person stays within the boundaries set by his/her birth situation. They do not approve of women in soldiering roles and actively disciminate against women in roles that they view as masculine or men in feminine roles. House Delrine favors a mixture of central government and House independence. House Delrine has supported both the Jet Heron and Red Vulture party in the last generation. They believe that leadership roles should go to those with the appropriate backgrounds and that these backgrounds must of necessity come from certain Houses. They are not royalists however.

House Delrineid's current economical focus is agricultural and livestock products, perfume and woven cloth.



May 448ID - Zomir, Kasam, Kiria, Eleria, Amref, Branis, Saena and Mafara arrived on the Sea Falcon.
Jun 448ID - Zomir becomes Founding Patriarch
Jun 448ID - Kiria becomes Founding Matriarch
Sep 448ID - Branis becomes Patriarch
Nov 448ID - Kasam becomes Patriarch
Dec 448ID - Amref becomes Patriarch