House Efranis
Family Brief



House Efranis is a Kassoan founding House that was established by members of the declining Elsijoa province based House Jalinid.

It is too early to say exactly how House Efranis will interact with the other Houses here in Kassoa. However conclusions can be drawn from the historical behaviour of House Jalinid as this House was responsible for raising the founding members. House Jalinid is known for surviving despite the hardships that have recently seen it lose most of its arable land to the encroaching desert. The House has proven to be adaptable and politically skills. House Jalinid builds alliances on trade deals and is known to be mistrustful of allies and enemies both. House Jalinid has fought hard to maintain and increase land and property even when remaining on the land has proven a hardship. House Jalinid is also known to be a traditional Elsijoan House with the typical values found in that Province. House Jalinid has been a long time supporter of the Jet Heron party.

House Efranis' current economical influences involve working cloth, fur and leather.


Family Tree


May 448ID - Barid, Heleen, Hizad, Danae, Param, Nirmala and Freyline arrived on the "Sea Falcon"
Jun 448ID - Hizad becomes Founding Patriarch
Jun 448ID - Danae becomes Founding Matriarch
Jul 448ID - Rashan arrives on the "Sea Falcon"
Oct 448ID - Freyline becomes Matriarch
Jan 449ID - Nirmala becomes Matriarch