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The Eraba family was founded by Helidoras and his wife Lillia. Helidoros was to die soon after the founding of the business within the outpost region but his wife and children would continue. Lillia's sister traveled with the family, being absorbed into the Eraba family, but later disowned thanks to her promiscuous behaviour. She is currently assumed dead. Her illegitimate daughter Olyvia was granted a full position in the family.

Most of the family members originated in Elsijoa

Family Tree



439: Helidoras, Lillia, Olivia, Olyvia, Calanthe, Khalilah, Lanzo, Quidol and Doliras arrive
439: Eraba House is offically founded with Helidoras as Patriarch and Lillia as Matriarch
441: Sofia is born to Lanzo and Khalilah
441: Olivia gives birth to an illegitimate stillborn baby boy. She is disowned soon afterwards when caught in yet another affair.
442: Helidoras dies
442: Lanzo becomes Patriarch
443: Olivia goes missing

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* Olyvia
* Lillia
* Lanzo
* Khalilah
* Calanthe
* ||Rina||Wiebe||

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