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The Izbasa family is known for it's cooks. They run a small grocery store within the outpost which provides the majority of the bread and other food desired by the population. They do not have a great deal of influence.


A little over twenty years ago, when the civil conflicts between members of the powerful once noble Miraj family began to directly effect them, Bozydar and his wife fled the Liminoa region with the vast majority of the families wealth. The family was in definite danger of dying out at this point, having lost most of it's members to the infighting, and thus this choice was perhaps not surprising. The family wondered for several years, hunting for a place to settle, before finally finding that the outpost offered the opportunity they needed. Unfortunately Bozydar was never to see the new land, having died on the sea voyage, but his wife and her three small children Ada, Remigio and Halmar found that the business available to them was sufficient to provide for their upbringing even if they would have to wait a generation to begin to have more than an economic influence upon their new home.

Family Tree



430: Firuza, Remigio, Ada and Halmar arrived
430: Izbasa House is officially formed with Remigio as Patriarch and Firuza as Matriarch.
430: Izbasa House takes over management of the Outpost Bakery/Grocery
441: Betrothal negotiations with Habib's family conclude.
443: Habib, Ankita and Ayanna arrive in Kassoa
443: Habib, Ankita and Ayanna are officially adopted into the Izbasa Household.

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