House Jalel



House Jalel is a perfect example of how people from relatively insignificant roots can rise to greatness in the Su'ndari world. Originally formed mainly from hunters, herbalists and other gatherers the house has grown to be a powerful house in the mere year since its formation.

The House symbol is a honey bear and the house colours/stones are amethyst and onyx.

Family Tree



432: Petru, Micajah, Thais and Baqir arrive
438: Kyrlo, Alifa, Damjan and Torvan arrive
439: Mihaela and Latif arrive
440: Petru dies
441: Yaniv, Lorcan, Anah, Ayman, Neasa, Kleio, Larisa, Beata, Sajjad, Najwa, Philon and Jenaro arrived
442: House Jalel is founded by Yaniv, Kyrlo, Alifa, Damjan, Torvan, Mihaela, Latif, Lorcan, Anah, Ayman, Neasa, Kleio, Larisa, Beata, Sajjad, Najwa, Philon, Micajah and Jenaro.
441: Yaniv becomes the first Jalel Patriarch
441: Neasa becomes the first Jalel Matriarch
442: Ithamar arrives and is adopted into House Jalel.
442: Damjan is killed by Wiebe Uneli in an illegal duel
443: Ilyas arrives and is adopted by House Jalel.
443: Jenaro is named Patriarch
aug 443: Alifa is named Matriarch
oct 443: Neasa is named Matriarch

Member Pages

* Yaniv
* Neasa
* Lorcan
* Larisa
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* Ayman
* Anah
* * Sajjad
* Philon
* Najwa
* Ilyas
* Jenaro
* Beata
* Mihaela
* Micajah
* Latif
* Vasant
* * Torvan
* Kyrlo
* Ithamar
* Alifa

* Thais
* Baqir

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Current Matriarch: Neasa
Current Patriarch: Ilyas