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The flower houses are an extremely popular part of Su'ndi culture and a small but still important part of the city life in other su'ndari provinces.

Each flower house is focused upon providing for the pleasure of its customers. They supply romantic rooms, gambling tables, competition grounds, bath houses, dancers, mixers and other parties. Although the flower houses are not brothels the family members are generally encouraged to be free with their affections and thanks to their strict policy of secrecy they are a destination of choice for many who seek such pursuits. Despite the potentially damaging nature of the family business and promiscuity the flower house members are so well behaved and perfectly mannered outside the house that they avoid many of the interhouse conflicts which might provide reason to shut them down.

Many years are put into the training of the members to support the family goal and a fully qualified "companion" will have undergone many tests in the arts, social graces and providing physical comfort. This is no different than the way other houses train up their youngsters to support the family business. Upon finishing their training the companion will be marked with a tattoo to mark their new status.

It is highly unusual for a member of a flower house to marry. As a result of this the vast majority of the family members are bastards. Instead a core group of legitimate family members marry early in their adult lives and divorce once a heir has been birthed so that they may go about providing entertainment and comfort with none of the hinderances of marriage.

The House symbol is a 5 petalled Jasmine blossom and the house colours/stones are opal and turquoise.

Family Tree


437 : Hyacinth, Rosella, Hyssop, Arum and Amaryllis arrive.
437: Jasmine house is formed with Hyacinth as Matriarch and Arum as Patriarch.
440: Jasmine House opens its doors

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