House Kassanid
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House Kassanid
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House Kassanid is a founding House begun by members of House Kassan, a moderately powerful Capital City based House. House Kassan and Shakti Kassan ne Imperis in particular were the foremost party involved in putting together the colonisation efforts. Danuk Kassan is attributed with the discovery of the Kassoan landmass. The name Kassanid was chosen to honor this heritage.

As House Kassanid was formed from members of House Kassan it is expected that House Kassanid will show many of the traits found in that parent House. House Kassan is a trade focused House that tends towards building political alliances through mutual benefits. House Kassan has a strong leaning towards the ancient su'ndari traditions and it has long been a dedicated member of the pro-royalist golden lion party. House Kassan has historically tended to vote for the movement of power away from individual Houses to a central power. There is likely to be a sense of entitlement to positions of power due to the blood link between the founders of House Kassanid, Shakti's work in putting the colonisation effort together and Danuk Kassan's discovery.

House Kassanids current economic interests are lumber, spices, pets and items imported through the Kassan trade fleet.




  • May 448ID - Mellisia, Roslian, Ziel, Misa, Daven, Toven, Shanif and Shaktari arrive on the Sea Falcon.
  • May 448ID - Roslian becomes the founding Matriarch
  • May 448ID - Daven becomes the founding Patriarch
  • Sep 448ID - Misa takes over as Matriarch
  • Oct 448ID - Roslian takes over as Matriarch