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Soon after the outpost began to accept immigrants three members (and their wives) of the Suroa based Paluris family arrived in the settlement. These three were Manasses Paluris and his cousins Isidoro and Khorshid. They immediately negotiated rights to the forge that had been constructed for the outposts management and development and gained a strong and important foothold in the fledgling colony. In the years since they have consolidated their hold in the metalworking business and continued to grow in influence.

This offshoot of the Suroa based Paluris family is often considered to be a founding member of the Agatam outpost despite the fact that they were not involved in funding the establishment of the first expeditions. They were one of the first families to take up the opportunity to travel to take the opportunity to emigrate and they have already established a strong foothold within the metalworking industry.

The founding members of this house originated in the Suroa Region

Positions Held

Family Tree



430: Manasses, Isidoro, Khorshid, Tacita, Earta, Ruh, Sabri, Stefaniaand Wafiya arrived.
430: Padmini is born to Sabri and Stefania
431: House Qilaf is founded with Manasses as Patriarch and Tacita as Matriarch
431: Ruh marries Teuta Uneli
431: Manasses and Isidoro disappear whilst hunting
432: Tatiana is born to Teuta and Ruh
432: Khorshid becomes Patriarch
433: Andraz arrives
433: Tacita dies
434: Earta becomes Matriarch
436: Orshid is born to Ruh and Teuta
436: Khorshid dies
436: Sabri becomes Patriarch
437: Aemelia is born to Sabri and Stefania
440: Earta dies
441: Teuta becomes Matriarch

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* Teuta
* Stefania
* Sabri
* Ruh
* Lochana
* Andraz

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