Small Huntsman House



The Sabunef family is a recent arrival here in the outpost region. It originated in the rural areas of the Tamoa region where the family made a small, but sufficient, income as hunters. Seeing that there was no future in the hunting trade the three surviving members Damjan and his sons Kyrlo and Torvan, made the deal that would see them move to the outpost region. Kyrlo met Alifa during the voyage and they later married adding a woman to the group and thus enabling the Kassoan Sabunef house to be officially founded. Later on Ithamar joined his sister and was absorbed into the Sabunef family.

The founding members of this House mostly originated in the Tamoa Region

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Member Pages

* Torvan
* Kyrlo
* Ithamar
* Alifa
* Mihaela
* Micajah
* Latif
* Vasant

* Thais
* Baqir


432: Petru, Micajah, Thais and Baqir arrive
438: Kyrlo, Damjan and Torvan arrive
438: Alifa arrives on the same vessel
439: Mihaela and Latif arrive
440: Kyrlo marries Alifa
440: Petru dies
440: Sabunef family is formed with Mihaela as Matriarch and Damjan as Patriarch
442: Ithamar arrives and is accepted into the Sabunef Household
442: Damjan is killed by Wiebe Uetlim in an illegal duel
442: Kyrlo is named Patriarch

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