House Sabunid
Family Brief



House Sabunid was founded by members of the Ajayoa based House Sabunef and the now extinct Liminoa based House Heronis. It was named to honor House Sabunef.

It is too early to say exactly how House Sabunid will integrate into the colony however it is reasonable to assume they will follow the traditions of their homelands and birth Houses. As such House Sabunid is expected to push for a more equalitarian environment where aptitude is the primary factor in determining employment prospects and personal position. House Sabunef in particular has always been a supporter of some sort of publically funded education system. House Sabunef has long been a member of the Blue Finch political party. House Heronis, as a subject House, was not known to be politically active. Both Houses are noted for their reliance upon economic strength and alliances to gain position within the council.

House Sabunid's current economic areas of influence are agricultural products, spices, food and drink.


Sabunef Branch

Heronis Branch


Historical events of interest

445 ID - House Heronis loses so many adults to the infighting in Liminoa province that the House collapses.

Game History

May 448ID - Atara, Mera, Delarn, Guaran, Rosefa, Alika and Zifan arrive on the Kassan Fast Merchant vessel Sea Falcon.
Jun 448ID - Mera becomes Founding Matriarch
Jun 448ID - Zifan becomes Founding Patriarch
Jul 448ID - Hoffan arrives on the "Sea Falcon"