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The Uetlim family is the end of an ancient line famed for their medical abilities.

In the last twenty years feuding in the family led to infighting and squabbling and in the end the last remaining male, Wiebe and his bitter rival, Damjan Sabunef, ended up in an illegal duel. Wiebe won but the fine levied against him for damages forced him into indentured slavery. Aaliyah, Anja and Rina are now all that remains in any province.

They are a hardworking, dutiful family that is much focused upon helping others. As a group the family has a reputation for turning the other way when trouble is happening and perhaps dabbling in the more criminal aspects of the medical trade. A fact they will of course deny.

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440: Wiebe, Rina, Anja and Aaliyah arrive
441: Kassoan based Uetlim House is founded with Wiebe as Patriarch and Aaliyah as Matriarch
442: Wiebe and Damjan Sabunef participate in an illegal duel and Damjan dies as a result. Wiebe is found guilty of killing and fails to pay the fines.
443: Wiebe sentenced to indentured slavery for failure to pay fines and is shipped back to mainland markets.

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