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House Uneli was founded by members of one of the powerful families back in the Kaffoan region and as such they tend to stick to the Kaffoan virtues. Decades ago the family were granted land in the region and ever since then they have expanded their business to impressive levels. Thus when the opportunity came up to start expansion into a new region of the world the family were more than willing to exploit it. The family paid for the right to have the first farm and thus gain a foothold which they have every intention of keeping in the new world. Once there they reformed into the Uneli family, to allow for a local family head, and thus the Uneli family proper began. Over the last twenty years they have been steadily consolidating their hold on the land, planting orchards and clearing fields for their use. They believe that the division between the elite land owners and the labouring classes should be strictly enforced and strongly defined. They are not cruel employers but they would never dream of allowing a Uneli girl to marry into a 'working class' House.

The House symbol is a peacock and the house colours/stones are emerald and turquoise.

Family Tree

Members originating from the Kaffoan House Delrine


Members originating from the Elsijoan House Eraba

Members originating from the Liminoan House Yesim

Members originating from the Gyroan House Iutzul


411: Negotiations with Shakti for the founding ships and resources were concluded.
413: Enosis, his wife Nikole and Argider and his wife Ghaliya arrived.
416: Danilo is born to Argider and Ghaliya
416: Uneli family farm is made fully functional
419: Sorin and his betrothed Lina arrived
420: Sorin married Lina
423: Vinicio is born to Argider and Ghaliya
423: Ghaliya dies from milk fever
424: Zilpah is born to Sorin and Lina
424: Enosis is crippled when a massive elephant goes on the rampage
425: Teuta arrived
426: Argider and Teuta marry
426: Enosis dies
426: Nikosis is born to Sorin and Lina
428: Lochana is born to Teuta and Argider
429: Argider dies
429: Tacisis is born to Sorin and Lina
430: Firuza, Remigio, Ada and Halmar arrived
431: Teuta and Ruh Qilaf wed
432: Nikidoro is born to Sorin and Lina
438: Danilo marries Amilia Zeru
439: Helidoras, Lillia, Olivia, Olyvia, Calanthe, Quidol and Doliras arrive
439: House Uneli if founded with Sorin as Patriarch and Nikole as Matriarch
440: Nikole dies
440: Firuza takes over as Uneli Matriarch
440: Wiebe, Rina, Anja and Aaliyah arrive
441: Olivia gives birth to an illegitimate stillborn baby boy. She is disowned soon afterwards when caught in yet another affair.
441: Wiebe, Rina, Anja and Aaliyah are adopted into House Uneli.
442: Helidoras dies
442: Wiebe and Damjan Jalel participate in an illegal duel and Damjan dies as a result. Wiebe is disowned from House Uneli as a result.
443: Olivie goes missing
443: Ankita arrives in Kassoa
443: Wiebe sentenced to indentured slavery for failure to pay fines and is shipped back to mainland Kaffoa.
443: Ankita is officially adopted into the Uneli Household.
443: Lillia dies.
443: Ruh Zeru and Teuta decide to divorce as their marriage contract is completed and Teuta returns to House Uneli
443: Ankita takes over as matriarch.
Jan 444: Remigio takes over as Patriarch

Member Pages

Living Dead
Zilpah Enosis
Vinicio Nikole
Sorin Argider
Lina Ghaliya
Danilo Lillia

Current Matriarch: Ankita
Current Patriarch: Remigio

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