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House Zeru was first formed by an offshoot of one of the powerful clans of the homeland - The once noble House Anass. House Anass was one of the original three families that invested in the founding of the outpost. As a result they already knew that the area had great potential when they arrived. The help they gave to House Kassan (the founders of House Agatam) in the venture ensured that they would gain access to many of the mineral rights. The clever adoption of a number of skilled metal workers in 431 ID further enhanced the power of House Zeru within the mineral and metal markets. House Zeru is considered to be a Founding House.

The house symbol is a tiger and the house stones/colours are Ruby and Sunstone.

Positions Held

Positions held by members of the family include:

Family Tree



411: Negotiations with Shakti for the founding ships and resources were concluded.
411: Negotiations with the Su'ndi trading company for the Kassoan area management contracts were concluded.
413: The fleet with Firdos, Noelani and Stylianos on board arrived in the Kassoan Peninsula region.
413: Danuk's campsite is discovered to be abandoned.
413: Zeru family is founded with as Stylianos as Patriarch and Noelani as Matriarch
416: Zeru mining ventures begin to produce ore and the gems
417: Agatam ships begin to deliver goods back to the mainland.
418: Kassoa Branch of the Su'ndi Merchant Company is officially declared open with Stylianos taking the position as Su'ndi Company Representative for the region.
419: Katina is born to Firdos & Noelani
423: Amilia arrives
425: Firdos dies
430: Manasses, Isidoro, Khorshid, Tacita, Earta, Ruh, Sabri, Stefaniaand Wafiya arrived.
430: Padmini is born to Sabri and Stefania
431: Noelani, Stylianos, Amilia, Katina, Manasses, Isidoro, Khorshid, Tacita, Earta, Ruh, Sabri, Stefaniaand Wafiya and Padmini become the founding members of House Zeru.
431: Stylianos becomes the first Zeru Patriarch.
431: Noelani becomes the first Zeru Matriarch.
431: Ruh marries Teuta Uneli
431: Manasses and Isidoro disappear whilst hunting
432: Tatiana is born to Teuta and Ruh
433: Andraz arrives
433: Tacita dies
434: Earta becomes Matriarch
436: Orshid is born to Ruh and Teuta
436: Khorshid dies
437: Aemelia is born to Sabri and Stefania
438: Amilia marries Danilo Uneli
439: Shashi, Tehila, Ifan, Dardan and Kasmira arrive
440: Noelani dies
440: Earta dies
440: Teuta becomes the Zeru Matriarch
441: Betrothal negotiations with Agatam conclude between Ifan & Maytana and Dimitar & Kasmira.
442: Stylianos dies
442: Sabri becomes the Zeru Patriarch
442/443: Ovidio, Uthio, Rakeesh, Assarka and Pehr arrive and are adopted into House Zeru.
443: Betrothal negotiations with the Agatam family conclude with Pehr arranged to Niamh.
443: Ruh Zeru and Teuta decide to divorce as their marriage contract is completed and Teuta returns to House Uneli
443: Kasmira takes over as Matriarch
oct 443: Ovidio takes over as Patriarch
443: Kasmira and Dimitar marry and Kasmira joins House Agatam
443: Soraya takes over as Matriarch
nov 443: Rajiv, Tarek and Kianna arrive and are adopted into House Zeru.
dec 443: The betrothal between Pehr and Niamh is cancelled.

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Living Dead or Other

Current Matriarch: Soraya
Current Patriarch: Ovidio


Tiger Lineart used in the Zeru House Seal provided by NimbleBun on DeviantArt