The Su'ndari are a people obsessed by their physical appearance. They will spend hours every day in the various rituals associated with keeping their appearance in perfect order. It is considered somewhat embarrassing for an individual to be unkemp.


Bathing is part of the usual morning ritual and the wealthiest families will have their own private bathing facilities. In fact it is not uncommon to see both men and women bathing several times a day. Bathing is a communal activity and the Su'ndi think nothing of bathing (in the public bathhouses) with members of the opposite sex.


Perfume is something that the richer members of the Su'ndari empire spend a great deal of money upon. Almost everything the Su'ndari do in terms of grooming involves perfume; from hair oils to soaps.


Cosmetics are used by both men and women. It includes a wide variety of animal and plant products, especially kohl. In game terms applying make-up provides a temporary bonus to attractiveness. Kohl, whilst attractive, also serves the more practical purpose of protecting the eyes from the glare of the summer sun and discouraging flies.

It is also traditional for men and women to paint their faces and bodies with henna-like markings which often tell stories of their heritage and status. Married men and women in particular mark their faces with two lines running straight down, along the side of the nose, from the inner corner of each eye. Additional dots are added to indicate if they have children within this marriage and colour is sometimes used to indicate additional factors such as a marriage which has survived past the contractual stage.


Amongst the people of the empire it is common for both men and women to pay a large amount of attention to their hair. It is usual for both men and women to wear their hair long. Hair is usually elaborately styled with sculpted shapes being most fashionable. Tight ringlets are especially popular amongst high class men. Oil, scented or not, is commonly used on hair. Ornate woven hairnets are often used by women to further embellish the hair.


Beards are an important aspect of Su'ndari fashion and a mans status can often be guessed from his facial hair. Labourers and Soldiers are the only men that tend to be clean shaven and a man of status will spend a great deal of time and money ensuring that his beard represents his status in society. In general the more elaborate the mans beard the higher his status.