Danuks Landfall

The Wing of Kassan with all crew and passengers was blown severely off course by a number of unseasonable storms which struck one after the other. Eventually, when the situation was dire, the ship beached on an exposed coral reef to the northwest of the current colony location. The damage was severe but the crew and passengers worked together to repair the damage.

Whilst the damage was being worked on a basic camp was formed on the cliffs overlooking the ship. These early survivors were responsible for many discoveries about the benefits and uses of the local flora and fauna.

Once the repairs were complete Anata Kassan, the first officer and Danuk's cousin, took half of the crew and some examples of the local crops and set sail back to the Su'ndi mainland. Danuk and the remaining members remained behind to begin founding a colony.

Anata's history is well known. She returned to House Kassan and her report to Shakti began the stage of history known as Shakti's Labours.

What happened to Danuk remains a mystery. It is clear that the settlement survived for a long time after the crew left but when the settlers arrived the settlers themselves had vanished. There was no sign of obvious violence within the rotting remains of the camp and to this day nobody knows exactly what happened.