House Formation
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It is possible for a group of family-less people to form their own House. In the Su'ndi mainland this is almost unheard of in these days as the poor simply do not have the means or access to the governmental functions that will allow them to do so. Here in Kassoa however Houses are still being formed as immigrants bring outside wealth into the region.

To form a new House the following is required:

These must be done in order:

Six Adult (21+) characters must be interested in forming a House. For purposes of House formation married couples count as one individual. More individuals will make the House augury more likely to succeed. These members must all be legitimate - ie not disowned or bastards. A married couple only count as one adult in this respect. The adults also need to be free from their Birth Houses.

A legal announcement of intent must be produced and properly presented to the appropriate person. This must include all intended members and the planned name and symbol. (anticipated cost - lawyer fees + 50,000 fee to register)

A Priest must perform an augury to determine the suitability of the gathered members to form a new House. Should this be unsuccessful House formation will be impossible. (log of ceremony. GM provided augury. The priests should charge for this. Anticipated fee - 100,000)

A family name and symbol need to be decided upon and checked against the records to ensure it is suitably unique. (anticipated fee - 50,000.)

The family must have a legally binding agreement to purchase land upon which the house estate will be constructed. (Cost depends upon land and its availability) they must also have a binding agreement to build the house once the land is theirs. (approx 500,000?)

A Priest must perform an augury to determine the suitability of the name and symbol. Should this be unsuccessful a new symbol and/or name will be required. It does not have to be the same priest at every step. (anticipated fee - 100,000. Priest requests this.)

The Priest combines the information from both augury's and the registered symbol and name and creates the family signet rings. Losing one of these rings is a huge problem for a House as they often cannot be replaced and represent the Patriarch/Matriarch's will. (anticipated cost - 3-500,000)

The Priest conducts the ceremony that creates the House. (anticipated cost - 50,000 for the ceremony. As much as possible for the celebrations)

The Priest formally announces the new House at the next Council meeting.

At this point the House may formally begin trading as a House. Land, Businesses and Contracts may be owned and managed.