House Joining

Ok! This is a planning stage piece of theme as it is only relevant for player-chargens which wont be available to start with anyway.

1) Your character has to cut all ties with his/her background house as part of the moving to Kassoa process. From this point its history! This background house can/should be used as a mine for future characters however.

2) You arrive on the dock fresh off the ship that brought you here. You are a 'foreign Su'ndi' rather than a standard 'family-less' type at this point.

3) You will want to get yourself a bit of an income. Maybe rent yourself a room. Maybe get yourself accepted as a guest/employee at one of the Houses. Working needs to be easy during the foreign su'ndi stage.

4) Rp towards the goal of joining a House. The grace period for this should be fairly long but not indefinite. Was thinking like 3-4 rl months. If you can pull your own House together using the setup I've got in mind that is perfectly fine too. Need to decide firmly on the minimum number for a viable House.

5) Characters that just totally flunk should be retirable and replaceable. I don't want people making a new guy every week but if you have given a character a genuine try it shouldn't matter.

6) There needs to be a definite downside to the family-less status once the grace period runs out. I wouldn't boot a character just for staying outside of a house but life should be much harder than life inside a house. Heck we will eventually have a family-less community I'm sure (we want a proper criminal setup before handling this). Right now the only disadvantage to be honest is IF people rp it, the inability to own your own place (you can rent), inability to have your own business (as in shop. Having a wheelbarrow and walking around hawking stuff is different) and the fact that the Justice becomes responsible for any criminal trials against you.

7) House members need to live in the same place. Seriously. This is why the estates are so sumptuous - to take the sting out of it. Shared rooms are currently a rarity (except with spouses) Otherwise you end up with people who never see other people in the house etc.

8) I still want the arranged marriages for the rp side of it. I also want to keep the option to divorce after contract is met part as that enables some more freedom. Normal marriage age should be mid twenties but mid thirties should not exactly be rare. Girls from bloodlines where the virginity thing matters would likely be married off in their late teens. Just to be safe.

9) I do want benefits of behaving well sexually but it is not something truly controllable. Virginity is beneficial but promiscuity is bad. Infidelity in marriage is really really really bad because of the fuss about legitimate birth. Its the breaking of the deal that is truly the slap here though. So looks like the general allowance will be… sexual activity is allowed as long as you are reasonable. So. Good behaviour in public. Keeping it discreet and not sleeping with everything that moves. Virginity will likely only matter for a few girls but there should be some pressure for them to maintain it. Whores, both male and female, would exist and be thematic. Virginity matters because it is seen as an indication that you can be faithful. Not because of some purity gig. In fact since the point of the marriages is to provide the next generation I think most houses would appreciate (modest) experience.

10) Some concerns about family head power levels. This is a two way thing though. Angst creates rp. Also you can replace family heads within the theme via popularity. So a player whos too iffy with the patriarch say is unlikely to remain patriarch for long unless he's also making it fun.

11) Characters not in Houses loose access to the governmental structure.

12) Marriage between Houses should be the preferred since it generates more rp and more scenarios. However I dont think marriage in-house would be that rare especially considering the lack of blood-ties inside many local houses. Might need to be some extra benefit from that link the kid gets to moms house.