House Origin
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The Su'ndi House has a history as rich and varied as the Su'ndi nation itself.

Family has always been of great importance to the Su'ndi people and even during their days of wondering before Sessina's efforts set them on the road to greatness they kept records of blood lines. Marriage was a tool to ensure legitimacy, as it remains to this day, and the illegitimate were treated far harshly than they are in these modern enlightened times.

With the formation of the first governments the nature of family changed and split. The normal people retained their old sprawling family groups but the families that came out of the great civil war after Tullian's death changed and became the first of the true Houses.

In those days membership of a House represented that the individual had an honored bloodline traceable back to these original heroes and ensured that these bloodlines would retain a governmental seat down the ages - for as long as the House existed. Several of the laws and traditions that are honoured to this day began during this period of nobility and government. Most notably the laws that prevent illegitimate children from having positions of authority and the contractual basis of Marriage.

As the Empire grew the number of Houses swelled as new provinces were conquered, new heroes announced and petty squabbles tore Houses apart. In this way the Houses retained number enough to govern the regions and the long period of noble rule continued.

When the Blue Finch Party reforms came into being the House was changed forever. The requirement for noble bloodlines was removed from the formation laws and House membership became available to any who could afford the rather hefty formation fees. With the ability to form Houses came the ability to sit on the government council and an active voice in government but it also led to new obligations and responsibilities. In general these new Houses adopted the behaviours and norms of the old and gradually over time the behaviour of a House with royal bloodlines have become almost indecipherable to the behaviour of Houses without.

To this day bloodline remains of paramount importance and an illegitimate birth stains the childs ancestors for many generations. Marriage remains an agreement between two houses to provide legitimate heirs with serious punishment for any perceived infidelity by either member and Houses remain responsible for the management of any internal matters. The old royal bloodlines are still treasured, heavily influencing marriage negotiations and the required bride price.