House Themes

Each needs this themewise:
What they did - history/pre-kassoa background
What they are - Description of what they do now/what place they have in the community. Been told the economic stuff is worthless so might want to ignore that.
What they want - Goals, things for the members to work together for. This is probably the hard part. Looking for public goals at this point. Minimum of.

  • One goal that all characters in the house can use
  • One goal that the house politics will use.

Who they are - traditions, quirks that join them, stuff to use for rp hooks.

Each House needs a new name to prevent any confusing crossover with old house theme and new house theme. The blood relative groups in the houses can be merged. Feel free to start a new page for each house once a name has been settled on using the following name format for the page. house : housename ie house:anasid.

When we have done all the houses then we should work out some interhouse (public) stuff.

When this is done everyone should take one house and bring all the characters together.

House One - Liminoa/Tamoa - 13 - Bittersweet

  • What they did - In Liminoa, the One House was one of privilage and wealth, not noble in birth or exceptionally powerful but several decades of service to the Miraj family, the then ruling house, had placed them well and born many benifits over the years. Unfortunately the Miraj's internal conflicts resulted in the One familiy losing everything, their money, their position and many of their members.

Left as refugees they wandered for some time aimlessly, peddling their skills for what scraps they could to get by on. In those years they lost their pride as well, learning to pick pocket, to sell snake oil cures, to steal… what ever they had to to survive.
Finally finding the outpost they've settled to try and make a dignified living, though some of them long for freer, if poorer days, and many of them have trouble wholy putting down those skills they learned to survive them.

  • What they are - The house is involved in an array of trades, primary focused on Firuza and Ada's bakery and Lorcan's medical practice.

** (Bittersweet - during character review look at proffessions, many family members should be vagabonds and quasi-criminals with no apparent vocational skills, should appear to be glomming onto Firuza and Lorcan who appear to support the family via their legitimate businesses. One member of the family should be involved in the black market - connection to the Giava here).

  • What they want - One's goals and motives are often contradictory. One one hand they want to build their family up to the power and pride they once held, on the other hand, they've been so long in trenched in their dealings that they don't know any other methods to do so. Their family retains their firm belief in the place of the nobility as thier leaders (KQuery: they were never ruled by nobility since nobility was removed generations ago. Should this stay?), and yet, feels a great swath of entitlement owing to their losses for that cause.
  • * (Re Query Bittersweet - I think some members of the family are royalists, some are anti royalists, this is a good intra house conflict. Despite ideological differences, they're all fiercely loyal to the family and each other. The theme of envy and entitlement should be threaded through all characters, they desire to be treated like the Agatams, but they no longer know how to survive as upper middle class types. Secrecy and self preservation are family creeds - even if you don't disagree with your brother, you protect him and so on. Rather then dealing with threats head on they utilize subterfuge and indirect influence. )
  • * ( Bittersweet (more brain storming) I think their agenda is to erode the Agatam's influence, to this end they're helping exaserbate the frusterations of the young Giava family members, to widen the gulf between those too houses and break down their alliance. In doing so they gain greater access to the harbour and import/export to utilize for less legitimate business.)
  • Who they are - All boisterous, passionate, dagger duels, street entertainers. They are tough as nails people who will do anything nessesary to survive, having learned long ago how. They are fiercely loyal to eachother to this end.
  • People - Remigio, Halmar, Firuza, Ada, Habib, Ankita, Lorcan, Neasa, Larisa, Kleio, Yaniv, Ayman, Anah

House Two - Kihoan - 10 (12 soon) - Aegis

  • What they did - This house is an offshoot of House Anass of Kihoa. House Anass is the Kihoan ruling house. They helped to establish the Kassoan colony with Shakti and as a result are one of the founding houses.
  • What they are - This house runs the mine. They also have the current militia captain.
  • What they want -
  • Who they are - confident, individualistic, educated, tough, realists, horse based traditions, combination of city based politician/merchant types and more mobile military types. Cavalry tradition.
  • People - Tehila, Shashi, Ovidio, Katina, Ifan, Uthio, Pehr, Rakeesh, Assarka and Tarek

House Three - Elsijoan - 12 - Jealousy

  • What they did - The house were a middle class crafting house that originally lived in one of the small cities within elsijoa province. As the area dried up due to drought they were forced to move to the capital city of Elsijoa province. Here they suffered because of the competition and lack of prey animals in the deserts although they did make a decent side income from the redistribution of items taken from abandoned settlements that had been overtaken by the desert. When the opportunity to move to a new region came up they felt that they had nothing to lose by taking the opportunity.
  • What they are - This house is heavily involved in the fur trade. They seek out prey and process the hides for export. They are also interested in the rumours of ruins in the nearby forest and intend to put some of that scavenging experience to good use.
  • What they want - wealth?
  • Who they are - This house follows the elsijoan norms. They are thin skinned about their honour, quick to take insult, proud, resourceful, inquisitive and resiliently pursue their goals.
  • People - Sajjad, Philon, Jenaro, Beata, Najwa, Amal, Mirembe, Ilyas, Stela, Violeta, Torvan, Kyrlo

House Four - Kaffoan - 13 - Klindhh

  • What they did - This house splintered off a larger house that managed established plantations in kaffoa province in order to participate in the founding of Kassoa province. As a result they are one of the founding three houses.
  • What they are - This house run the plantations that provide much of the food for the colony. They own much of the npc workforce (in the form of debt slaves). They should be a provider of high society things in order to maintain their social status.
  • What they want - They would like to see the spread of Kaffoan virtues across the colony especially those relating to social ranks. So they would call for an all male militiary, women not having to serve in the militia and for making it harder to remove shames/recover from them.

They want to ensure their social status as one of the three top houses is never threatened. As this defines who they are and without it they would see themselves as being considerably lower in the social ranks.
The maintenance and enforcement of traditions. This is probably the house most likely to argue against changes just because they dont want to see change.

  • Who they are - This house follows Kaffoan standards. They divide everything into clear feminine and masculine spheres with womanly things only done by women and masculine things only done by males. These spheres are well defined. They also have the same strict and immovable boundaries around social rank and social manouvering. A family with a long history they are proud of their status and unwilling to water it down with weak blood.
  • People - Lina, Sorin, Danilo, Vinicio, Lochana, Amilia, Faiz, Teuta, Olyvia, Calanthe, Lanzo, Khalilah, Quidol
  • Character thinking:

Olyvia needs moving as she would be almost totally changed by this and I know she loves Olyvia as is and dont think having a bastard in the social-strict house will be good.
The Eraba group should be made direct family of sorin's delrine group. This will help bring them together and the Eraba group are high blood anyway so it fits very well.
Faiz's addition will need explaining on characters.

  • House Name/Crest: I'd like to stick with the peacock for crest it suits the emphasis of social rank and agriculture. I like what Aegis said about using the birth House for name inspiration and I like the use of id too. This is from the Kaffoan House Delrine so maybe - Delrinid

House Five - Suroan - 14 - Aegis

  • What they did - This House splintered off House Paluris of Suroa. House Paluris has been engaged in a cold war with House Tannous for generations with the governership of Suroa province as the prize. They have never been able to get the upper hand, in part because they lack the negotiating chip of high bloodlines. This cold war is rarely direct, instead both houses employ duplicitous and underhand tactics in their conflicts which are carefully engineered to remain just out of sight.
  • What they are - This house employs the skills gained back in Suroa to maintain and expand their personal businesses. In keeping with the heavily industrialised area of their birth they are heavily involved in running the shipyards and metalworking businesses within the colony. The house has a history of alliance with House Seven but the alliance seems to be starting to wear thin.
  • What they want - To hold the governor.
  • Who they are - The members of this house have a reputation for dealing with problems in the most direct and ingenious way possible.
  • People - zedekiah, junaid, bahiyya, zenan, nikhil, lujza, niamh, Stefania, Sabri, Andraz, Kahlil, Rajiv, Kianna.

House Six - Ajayoa/Gyroa - 10 - Klindhh

  • What they did - This house almost seemed to come out of nowhere. It is a mixture of individuals that nobody thought could work and were thus surprised when they managed to form a house and claim a niche of the colony for themselves.
  • What they are - This exploits the rare woodlore that is so rare outside the Ajayoan province. They also own and manage the blue moon tavern.
  • What they want - security
  • Who they are - This house follows the habits of the Ajayoan province. They believe in a strong martial presence - although they believe they should do this through profession military people rather than training everyone. They are a practical people much used to order and peace. They are strong-willed, enduring and opinionated. The Ajayoan province from which they come has a reputation for matriarchal leanings and this house is no different. Religion is very important to them. Social manouverability is important to them and they are the most forgiving of people who have had misfortunate pasts.
  • People - Alifa, Ithamar, Latif, Mihaela, Raniya, Micajah, Aaliyah, Rina, Anja, Radu

House Seven - Su'ndi - 12 (10 soon) - Bittersweet

  • What they did -House Seven is without a doubt the original Kassoan family. It was Danuk's tradeship that found the new land in an ill fated crash and it was Danuk's wife and immediate family who turned a newly discovered piece of jungle into a fledgeling colony. Although Danuk (then part of the once noble House Kassan) would never live to see the founding of House Sevenhe is a huge source of pride for the Agatam's that now reside there. When word was received from Danuk by Shakti, his now deceased wife, that they should gather resources and friends and immigrate to this new world she did it with a great deal of efficiency and skill. House Agatam made deals with the individuals who would later be instrumental in founding House Uneli and House Zeru. These three founding families put together an impressive fleet full of supplies, indentured labourers and of course the individuals who would form each new family.
  • What they are - The Seven family controls many of the boats in the harbour and through it has a fairly sold grasp on what comes in and out of the coloney. To this end they make a great deal managing and selling goods too and from the colony. The family is also extremely active in the politics of the colony, leveraging their status as founders to force their way through when nessesary. Uxio, is currently serving as governer of the outpost.
  • What they want - Complete, control of the outpost. The Seven family decends from one of the greatest ruling families in the history of the empire and they intend to bring themselves back to their former glory. While some members of the family envision this as a return of the nobility, others are content to utilize the current social systems and rule through money and influence. In the end, they all agree that the colony should be theirs. Several of the family members maintain strong ties with factions in the capital and some even serve as their hands and ears actively.
  • Who they are - The Seven family is refined, well educated and more then a little haughty. In their minds they don't just believe themselves to be better then everything else, they know they are are. This is both the family's strength and weakness as they often feel themselves 'above' doing dirty work and are heavily reliant on others to perform those tasks they believe to be below themselves.
  • People - Efraim, Raisa, Esmail, Uxio, Dimitar, Kasmira, Maytana, Danna, Soraya, Arwa, Hafiz, Mihran