Importance Of Family

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Family is of central importance to the Su'ndari people and many aspects of the culture are only available to those who have ties with the locally powerful family groups. Unlike many modern two parent family units the Su'ndari family unit is open to all those who have a ritualised bond with the House.
Many aspects of society are simply blocked to those who do are not a member of a House and there may be restrictions upon non-citizens (those without a local family). As a result one of the greatest punishments that can be inflicted by the family head is disownment.
Each family has it's own central power structure which tend to shift and change with the Houses internal politics. All families have a "nominated" Patriarch and Matriarch who holds the right to speak for the family within the local government. Su'ndi law does not touch upon internal household politics and it is entirely up to the House how the powers are divided between the members and the patriarch and matriarch. In most houses the Patriarch and Matriarch are essentially equal but in other Houses the Matriarch or Patriarch is traditionally dominant over the other.
When a resident of a Su'ndari House permanently moves from one Province in the Empire to another the links between him and his previous House are broken as each House only exists within one specific province. Upon arrival in the new province the individual will be considered to be without citizenship and subject to all the disadvantages that go with being without a family. This is a major setback to movement in this way and has helped to keep each Provincial group different in manner and traditions over the years. To avoid this period without a family most citizens will only risk moving Province with a group of like minded individuals with whom they know they can form a new House or an invitation from a Provincial House that offers them membership.

Benefits of Family Membership

  • Access to the facilities provided by the family unit. These may include farmland, housing, training, funding, mutually shared childcare etc.
  • Membership of a group with it's own internal politics, traditions and abilities.
  • Recognition by the legal system as a full member of society.
  • Full access to the shops and trade facilities within the settlement.
  • Support and protection in times of need.
  • Only a family unit can own land, property and businesses.
  • A ready made RP group within which you will find family specific plotlines and family-family plotlines

Disadvantages of Family Membership.

  • The Patriarch and Matriarch have power over much of the family members life including marriage and divorce. They can generally influence the family member greatly and cause them problems when trying to achieve goals which do not agree with the families current ideals.
  • The family member is required to adhere to the families traditions and ideals.

Disadvantages of Not Having a Family.

  • You will not be considered a Su'ndari citizen
  • Families protect you from many negative events.
  • Legally those without a family have fewer rights. They have no right to bring a case before council, no right to vote on council issues and are criminally charged by a Justice instead of the council.
  • You will have to pay for everything that a family would provide as a group.
  • You will not be able to own your own home, land or business.
  • Should you fall into debt you may be forced into bonded slavery (retiring your character).

Benefits of Not Having a Family.

  • The individual owes allegiance to nobody.

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