First (Almost) Native Contact

K'Lya, the Native
This 4'10", 60 lb young man has ritual scarring on his face and arms, black

eyes, a darkest black complexion and chin length spiked black hair. This little

man is so foreignly coloured and so very dark that it is hard to make him out

amongst the shadows. His skin truly does appear black with a faintly purple hue

in the light. Even his pitch black eyes and hair have a hint of that same sheen.

His skin, although still youthful, is marked with many odd looking designs and

symbols that must have been drawn with a blade.

K'Lya, the Native is wearing : basket, Native Throwing Spear Quiver, hunting

knife, Native Shield, Loincloth Fashioned From Woven Banana Leaves.

Carrying :
obsidian bladed wooden spear

K'Lya, the Native freezes with one foot up in the air as he realises that not

only has he just tried to sneak right into the middle of the settlement but he

has just blundered into the market and half the people there are now standing

there. He flashes a big wide grin at them and tries to look .. harmless. Yes

thats it. Harmless.

Ovidio is sitting on a horse, trying to do business with a few merchants. He has

a spear hoisted to his arm and the other hand rests against the pommel of his


K'Lya, the Native watches for signs of immediate hostility and when they dont

come he steps, a little tentatively forward. "Kyit?"

Calanthe has arrived.

Ovidio turns toward the strange dark-skinned individual that approaches. An

eyebrow arches and he lifts his chin before tentatively letting go of the grasp

upon the pommel of his sword. Particularly once he sells everything in the

wagon. "Hello. Do you speak my language?" It needs to be said!

K'Lya, the Native straightens his shoulders up to his full height as Ovidio

releases his grasp on the sword. "Kyit." he repeats again after Ovidio finishes

speaking. His slightly too wide smile still fixed into place. "An Kyit."

Dimitar arrives riding his Adair, the horse!
Maytana arrives riding her Adamina, the horse!
Maytana arrives as a passenger of Adamina, the horse.

Calanthe has heard the sound of commotion, and rushed up to the market to see

the… specimen. Now she's here, she doesn't seem too impressed. "Oh! he's so

small. Is he a child?".

K'Lya, the Native straightens his shoulders up to his full height as Ovidio

releases his grasp on the sword. "Kyit." he repeats again after Ovidio finishes

speaking. His fixed and slightly too wide smile only increases as people keep

bringing more of those big horse things into the area. "An Kyit."

Taking that for a no, Ovidio stops, considering what would be the most

chivalrious thing to do. A small amount of coins is taken from his purse and

offered toward the strange little man. "Very well, Kyit. Welcome to

civilization. A gift for you to remember us by."

Zilpah has arrived.

Dimitar rides in once again sometime later at a pace quite a bit faster than he

was in when he left. Maytana is beside him and the Agatam pair slow only once

the mass of people at the marketplace become an obstacle. Drawing nearer,

Dimitar slowly walks the horse up toward where the center of the commotion is

and finally comes to a halt where he can observe Ovidio and the strange native

fellow… conversing?

K'Lya, the Native gives the gathering crowd a quick look before looking back to

the mounted Ovidio. "Dlye San muro hss Sunat." he rapidly states in his

consonant heavy native tongue. "Sunat." he taps his basket. "En Kyit san Sunat?"

he looks to Calanthe. "Kyit?" and then he sits down quite suddenly, legs folded

and waits.

Rosella has arrived.
Raisa has arrived.

K'Lya, the Native gives the gathering crowd a quick look before looking back to

the mounted Ovidio. "Dlye San muro hss Sunat." he rapidly states in his

consonant heavy native tongue. "Sunat." he taps his basket. "En Kyit san Sunat?"

he looks to Calanthe. "Kyit?" and then he sits down quite suddenly, legs folded

and waits.

"Fruits? A basket?" Ovidio points at the nearest food merchant. "That man would

sell fruit. Su… nat." He points a finger at himself, "Ovidio." Then the finger

is pointed toward K'Lya. For one thing, the mounted knight seems rather


The fruit merchant looks behind himself, gulps and then starts to sidle away.

Zilpah listens, as the word has spread, of the mysterious native. She makes her

way through the crowd curiously to see this new… person.

Maytana arrives alongside Dimitar, her dark eyes wide at the crowd that's

gathered. she leads her horse to follow Dimitar's lead, and then, she gasps a

little bit as she spots K'Lya. Once she's got a good view, she doesn't move in


Calanthe blinks as she apparently has the natives attention. And shrinks away,

somewhat. "What does he want?" she asks, blinking at him. "It doesn't look like

he's planning on leaving very soon.".

Dimitar eyes the basket from his perch atop the horse and then looks towards

Ovidio, before focusing once more to the young native. "Possible he's asking for

something to trade for his… things," Dimitar remarks, gestures vaguely at the

basket. Drawing one leg over his mount, the Agatam man drops to the ground and

heads toward Ovidio, standing beside him; "What has he done so far?"

What was supposed to be a quick stop at the market is clearly more exciting than

Rosella thought! Pausing in her tracks, the tall young woman lifts her chin to

get a closer look at what is going on. She doesn't appear worried, but quite

curious, inching a little bit closer to get a better view. With one hand behind

her back and the other resting on her bared midriff, her head tilts to the side,

giving her a rather inquisitive bird-like appearance.

Raisa strides purposely into the marketplace, her arm raised at a slight angle

so that the harrier that sits upon it has a steady resting spot. She stops

abruptly upon noticing the commotion however. A delicate eyebrow arches upwardly

as she takes in the sight of the native and his attire.

The seated native removes a sheathed (and obviously su'ndi) knife from his belt

and waves it "Hru anat sunat" he takes a piece of something brown from his

basket and makes a great show of eating some of it. "anathe suro." he looks

around hopefully, flashing a salesmans grin to all the people gathered around.

"Anat sunat Suro."

"What things has he got?" Calanthe asks, in a tone reeking of disapproval. "Look

at that spear with a rock stuck on the end. What has he got which might actually

be of value? It isn't his spear. Or his loincloth. Ugh!". What a fashion faux

pas. "Oh, I see. Food that looks like dung.". Her lip curls.

Zilpah looks at the man she licks her lips and slowly observes the gestures and

actions. "Food…"

"Food it is, then." Ovidio considers, pulling out his jambiya. He turns it into

his palm before displaying it to the native. "Do you want something like this?"

It is pulled away quickly, however, meant to be a demonstrative gesture rather

than an actual offer. Sliding it back into the sheath, he points toward the

fruit merchant again. "You. Be a man and step forth." Then he looks to Dimitar,

"He's done nothing but approach us. And he has no grasp of our language. I do

not know if he will accept coin for his troubles, thus."

Dimitar wonders quietly as he observes the motions and comes up with a similar

idea to probably the rest of the crowd. A few seconds and then he reaches up to

unclasp his cloak, pulling it around front to dangle in front of him. With a

glance to Ovidio he shakes his head, "Do not give them weapons, what if they

learn to turn them against us?" he points out, clearly untrusting. Instead,

Dimitar takes two further steps forward and declares loudly: "I will trade," to

the native, waving the cloak and then pointing at the basket. It isn't like he

knows exactly what is in the basket, anyway - but clearly the cloak is worth

suffering a loss of.
Dimitar removes his a clean black felt cloak with golden embroidery.

"Anat sunat Suro?" Rosella repeats what the native says, fumbling with the

pronunciation. Still, the Jasmine woman is ever curious, tip-toeing even closer

until she has entirely joined the fray around him. She seems to be about to say

something until Dimitar steps up and waves a cloak around - her gaze slips from

him back to K'Lya, inquisitive.

Zilpah follows Rosella's lead. She raises an eyebrow at the rather wide

assortment of people.

Calanthe wrinkles her nose. "A cloak for dung? Meh.". She can't say she's too

impressed. "Maybe he has some oranges." she adds, a little more hopeful, and

takes a few steps forward, to peer into his basket from afar.

K'yla, the Native gives Ovidio an enthusiastic nod as the jambiya is displayed

and Rosella gets an overdone nod also. "Anat" he moves the basket. "Sunat" he

moves his sheathed knife "Suro" he repeats. As Dimitar starts waving the cloak

his smile fades and for a moment his hand touches the throwing spear at his

side. "An Kyit!" he declares loudly in the mans direction.

Raisa makes her way to the front of the crowd. A subtle nudge here and prod

there to move those out of her way. She immidently notices her nephew and niece,

"Dimitar? Please take Maytana away from here.." She casts a glance over the

gathered crowd before taking in the Natives clothing once again, or lack there

of, "Actually" She raises her voice, "I'm going to request that all of the

females present, please go with my nephew. Ladies do not need to see.." She

casts another glance at the Native, "This." She also spies Adair, the horse as

well. "Please take the hourse back to the stables as well." The Matriarch of the

Agatam House turns her attention fully to the Native after asking this. She

gestures towards the food in his hand, "We know not what type of.. meat that


"Are you really afraid of a knife versus our more civilized weapons?" Ovidio

wonders of Dimitar, "We are trained for their use. They? I believe not. And I

would be surprised if they did not have an equivalent. Then again, you never

know, with savages. Then when the native reacts oddly to Dimitar he lifts a hand

to the man. "Wait."

Zilpah watches. "Now come now,m this is a major discovery for all of us, someone

who speaks a language that's different from our own.. and probably with

different believes and customs…"

"Clearly cloaks are not native fashion," Dimitar remarks, withdraws his cloak at

the man's sudden foreign declaration. "Food for a weapon doesn't seem

particularly wise," he does not aloud, but steps back and whips his cloak around

to once more drape it over his frame, clasping it simply. Raisa's appearance

causes him to turn and address her with a silent nod and he instantly bypasses

the crowd to return and mount up, despite the look of longing in his eyes.
Playing with the natives is fun! To Maytana he looks, gives a small shake of his

head and then realizes he has been asked to look after other women. Since they

arn't all herding up like good little followers, he uses it as an excuse to sit

and watch. "I suppose it would do us good to trade, but a weapon over

consumables does not seem fair to us," the Agatam heir expresses.

Calanthe peers. "It looks like eating dung-food is a custom I can do without. I

assume he wants daggers, not clothes. Presumably so he can arm his fellows. More

interest in weapons than fine clothes!". How crass. How expected.

Maytana arches her brows as she hears her Aunt's request to her brother, and

starts to protest, "Oh, but…" and, perhaps wisely, she does trail off, protest

dying on her lips. She purses her lips, then quirks Dimitar a little smile,

before she peers at the other women, and then back to her aunt. She does wheel

her horse about, to start it into a walk away from the crowds.

Sabri has arrived.

"Spice can be profitable. It all depends on how well conserved said food can be.

As far as I know, anyone who's ever dealt with the military knows that certain

rations are harder to come by. At any rate." Reaching into his purse once again,

coin is offered toward the native before he points toward the basket and then

the fruit merchant. "I will buy your food with this, and you will buy food from

him. Understood?" Normally he'd offer a shiny pyrite stone, but you know.

K'lya, the Native relaxes once Dimitar stops actively waving the cloak around,

readily removing his hand from the weapon and stating "An Kyit." as if it means

something profound and very relevant. His focus moves back to Ovidio, who he

clearly views as some kind of leader and he carefully moves to his feet,

watching for any negative reactions and repeating that word "Kyit." as he does


When nobody moves to object K'lya starts moving towards Ovidio. He pauses for a

moment to eye the horse with evident suspicion but when it doesn't turn into

some weird man-eating monster he continues in his journey to move close enough

to touch Ovidio's leg. "Anat Sunat Suro." he repeats again. Then he delves into

his basket, fishes out one piece of the food and offers it up to Ovidio. "El

Anat Sul sunat" at this point he points to Ovidio's spear. "Surose?"

"Does he want another basket - anat?" Rosella crinkles her nose in confusion,

leaning forward a little to peer at the man and his possessions. "Spear," she

says, punctuating her word with an 'ah.' The Jasmine straightens up, gaze very

curiously fixated on K'lya and Ovidio.

Raisa flicks her whiskey brown eyes at Dimitar once more? "Did I not tell you to

take your sister and go, nephew? It was not a request.. to the rest of the

houses females who are here, it was." She softens her tone and adds to Dimitar,

"Once you know she is safely home, as well as the horse, I would appreciate it

if you came to escort me home as well.. after this is over." She turns her

attention back to the Native and Ovidio, lightly twitching the jesses in her

hand so that Aja takes up perch on her shoulder. She exhales quietly before

informing Ovidio, "He wants to trade for your spear, would be my guess. However,

until the Council speaks of it, please do not be trading with the Natives."

Dimitar can delay once, but not twice! Not from the matriarch of his family on

this matter, anyway. With a nod, he turns his horse and quickly catches up with

Maytana to start at a light gallop towards the Agatam estate.

Dimitar and Maytana have left.

"Weapons! See?" Calanthe exclaims. "I told you. You should be careful, anything

you give him might well be used to be jammed into the guts of one of our own.

And it's not like he's really offering anything in return.". She wrinkles her

nose at the glop he's peddling.

"Spear." Ovidio explains the word to the native, gesturing toward his weapon. A

hand reaches out for the food, which he studies, sniffs and frowns toughtfully.

"You may approach. We mean no harm," the knight guarantees, a sidelong glance

cast toward Raise before a nod is given. "I will not trade him my weapon, but I

believe this is an offering." The food is gestured toward the native, and then

pointed toward himself; eyebrow creeps up in an unspoken question.

Thud, Scrape, thud, the sounds of a heavily weighted frame atop thick-leather

soled shoes crack the immediate vicinity around Sabri, who stands at upright and

walking with a heavy trudge of a man on a mission. A reputable furrow to his

heavy dark black brow, his almandine eyes pierce intensley into the crowd. The

long, thick leather apron of a smith still draped over his torso, somewhat

masking his clothes, and his traditional smith's hammer dangling from his belt

as if it was a weapon of mass destruction. He stops, a dull, solid stop, and

peers, his gaze peering directly toward the Native and his off-kilter skintone.

With a scowl crossing his lips, he escelates his chin slightly, squinting his

eyes, "Why is this -thing- In our *MARKET*" He booms loudly, his deep, gruffy

voice of too much time spent inhaling forge heat and smoke echoing in the

area… This is clearly, NOT, MR. Nice Guy.

Dimitar has arrived.

Raisa nods at Ovidio but also states simply 'I am well aware, how—" She looks

to the side and notes Sabri.. How can you not with all the noise the man makes?

Well this is about to get interesting. Raisa greets in him turn, "Sabri" She

inclines her head in general acknowledgement of his presence. She turns her

attention back to the native before telling Sabri "I believe he's wanting to

trade.. however I've informed those here that the council needs to speak of that

first." She gestures to Ovidio, "I believe he think it's an offering of some


K'lya, the Native moves a little closer to Ovidio only to jump back again when

the horse twitches. "Spear." he repeats slowly and awkwardly before nodding

enthusiastically. "Anat Sunat Spear?" he shows the sheathed hunting knife - as

much a tool as a weapon - to Ovidio again. "Anat Sunat Suro?" He points at the

item Ovidio is holding and then to his mouth and then he shows the basket.

"Anat." Again he touches his mouth as part of his attempted explanation.

"kyit'su slin" the ' is basically a click sound. At about that point Sabri makes

his declaration of intent known and he half turns to look across at the Zeru

Patriarch and offer one defensive word. "El Kyit."

Calanthe mehs. "He likes the El Kyit. Is that that red gunk?" she asks. She

feels rather safer now half the town is gathered around. And he's only small.

And her bluster is increasing in proportion to the number of Su'ndi weapons


Dimitar returns in time and silently angles his way through the crowd until he's

standing to the right and a little behind of Raisa, silent and observant.
When the Patriarch approaches, Ovidio angles his head once to him, falling

silent as he scrutinizes the native. "I believe he is asking me whether I will

eat it." This is spoken outloud, as he tries to puzzle together what the native

means despite having no grasp of the unique language in question. Pause, and he

studies the native and the food. "And now he is wary of my esteemed Patriarch. I

will eat, as we will find out what was the intent, then. My apologies," he

states to Raisa, before placing the kassoan delight into his mouth and eating


Sabri squints his eyes again - this time directly at the Native himself.

Unsiprisingly, he doesn't break his gaze to acknowledge Raisa simply by speaking

her name aloud, however, SUPRISINGLY, he does not, act inherently violent.

Instead, he adjusts his jaw from left to right slowly, hooking his thumbs along

his heavy sword / tool belt around his waist, and eyeballs the Native

helplessly. HE finally does something, and raises a hand, pointing a thick,

leathery calloused finger at the native, "El Kyit" he attempts to repeat gruffy,

making a slight face as if he just ate something sour. He inclines his chin

down, toward his chest, and looks past his heavy brow at the Native then. As if

curious to his response.

Zilpah has left.

K'lya, the Native gives Ovidio an encouraging nod as he goes to put the food in

his mouth. A somewhat confused smile is offered in response to Calanthe and

Raisa's words. Then Sabri repeats those two important words and his attention

moves to the Zeru Patriarch instead. "An Kyit." he says in reply before offering

a very formalised looking bow. "Sol sunat an njan brol sassan"

Calanthe ahs. "Maybe El Kyit is like, hello." she decides. She starts to press

in a little closer, to see just what it is he's peddling. Aside from goop. "He

seems quite brave." she admits, as there is quite a crowd gathering, making him

look very small compared to everybody else.

"This is surprisingly good." Ovidio declares by breaking another part of the

morsel with his hand and offering it toward Raisa. Deference to the other

family's matriarch and all. "It is not bad, your honor."

"What'd you just say?" Dimitar wonders of the Zeru Patriarch, widening his eyes

a bit. A glance to Raisa is given and then he mutters quietly, "If we just

accepted some sort of treaty, we have no idea what that /means/." Ovidio is eyed

as he extends a portion of the strange food to Raisa and then he glances back at

the native.

Raisa hears Calanthe's words "Reguardless of what he has to trade or offer, it

will not happen until the council has spoken of it." She states this firmily

-again-. Her eyes sparkle with anger as she acknowledges her nephews words,

"Indeed." She eyes the "dung" in Ovidios hand that is outstretched to her, more

of a mind with Calanthe in how it looks even if she doesn't voice that

perception outloud. She tightens her hold on the Harrier's jesses noticeably,

causing Aja to expand his wings for a few good flaps, causing the air to shift

in the Marketplace. Visibly calming herself, she murmurs softly to the Harrier,

soothing it. Once back under control she returns her attention to Ovidio, "I

appreciate that it might not taste, "Bad", however, as I stated again, until the

council has spoken of it. I believe it is best if we not taking anything of

theirs. They might mistake it for more than we intend."

Sabri watches the Native slyly, as if expecting him to try something fishy. Much

to his suprise - or perhaps his dismay, nothing happens. Looking at the Native

for another moment, studiously, he finally lowers his torso slightly, bowing his

head just enough to appear respectful, though watches the Native all the same

from beneath his brow. Glancing at Calanthe momentarily, "I'm partial to

believing El Kyit means he comes in peace or something of the nature" and then

returns to the Native. He taps his right ring finger against his belt idly as he

looks, and finally moves again, crouching down toward the ground, he glances up

at the Native and directing him with his hand to look at what he does. He then

sticks his finger into the dirt, and draws a crude hut looking structure,

glances up to make sure the native is following, and then points to the Hut,

motioning a hand to the area as if to designate this symbol as where they are

currently. He then points at the Native, and gestures as if to ask where he cam


Calanthe has left.

K'yla, the Native moves towards where Sabri is and crouches across from him. He

watches the squiggles get drawn into the dirt with solemn attention before

looking back up at Sabri without much comprehension in his eyes. "Dilit?" he

points at one of the nearby buildings. "Dilit Sunat?"

Kasmira has arrived.

K'yla, the Native moves towards where Sabri is and crouches across from him. He

watches the squiggles get drawn into the dirt with solemn attention before

looking back up at Sabri without much comprehension in his eyes. "Dilit?" he

points at one of the nearby buildings. "Dilit Sunat?"

Retrieving the piece of kassoan delight back to himself, Ovidio respects Raisa's

wishes with a nod, a quick snapping of his ankles against the sides of the horse

to guide it toward his patriarch, veteran knight that he is. The foodstuff is

then offered in Sabri's direction with due deference, but an uplifted chin.

<Autojudge: » Kasmira checks ingenuity + lang/old_native : SUCCESS! - 1 degree

of success!

Sabri intently watches the Native across from him, and emits a low, near

inaudible, 'hrmm' in thought. As the Native points at a building, Sabri glances

at it, and then glances back at the Native, then raises a hand and points to the

same building, and then to the drawn hut in the sand. "Here…" he says, and

then when pointing at the 'hut' he repeats himself, "Here" Sabri then taps his

own chest, and points to the 'hut' Following by pointing to everyone else

around, and then back at the Hut, identifying clearly, at least to himself, that

he was attempting to say everyone was form here. He then moves to point at the

Native, though is interrupted by Ovidio and his horse… With a low, slow exhale

from his nostrils, he glances a cold, icy glance up at the man, and squints his

eyes warningly, "Off the damned horse you baffoon, Do you see anyone else

trotting around here? Yes, I thought not." he doesn't wait for a response, he

just turns his attention back to the Native, and points to him then, and makes a

slow circular motion around the 'hut' to gesture to the outlying lands around

the OutPost, he then shrugs his shoulders as in 'I don't know' - his best

attempt at trying to ask where the man is from in relation to where the outpost


Danna has arrived.

Raisa silently keeps her attention on Sabri and the Native. She slowly nods her

head in approval of what is happening, her hand releasing it's tightened grip

from the jesses in her palm. Her features smooth out evenly and she settles in

to wait and see what else might take place.

Ovidio raises an eyebrow, gaze darkening a little before guiding the horse back

to the wagon and the donkey he was apparently leading before the native's

incursion. No more words are offered Sabri, though. Click of tongue, and he gets

the binding to the wagon before attacking it to the saddle, steering the entire

thing away.

Kasmira wanders on down from the east as word finally reached her that a real

live native was in town. Or maybe a monster. That part was unclear. Her eyes

widen as they settle upon the strange little man and she picks up her pace,

pulling some papers out of her backpack. When she reaches the crowd she gently

tries to press her way through for a closer look and listen, her eyes positively

The very moment she gets a good view she starts to scribble down notes,

barely blinking, so transfixed on the specimen she barely seems to notice she

isn't alone with him. With a soft, awkward tone, unsure of pronunciation or

cadence, she speaks a single word of greeting in a language quite foreign. Her

eyebrows lift as she watches the native for a reaction.

Raisa notes Kasmira in the crowd and a smile actually creases her lips. She

gestures to her in hopes to get her attention so that she may beable to see more

clearly what is going on. "Kasmira, come, stand by me. Mayhap you can help your

father figure out what is being said here."

K'yla, the Native watches all of Sabri's wild gesturings with evident patience

but little understanding. In fact when Sabri is distracted by Ovidio the short

man moves back to his feet and turns his head up to the sky and then back down

to the Zeru Patriarch but before he can speak Kasmira says something to him that

appears to at least ring a bell. Although it is still obvious that it doesn't

match his own words. "El Kyit." he says, bowing formally towards her before

starting to rapidly fire off more words. "Sural hin kyit'nli" he gestures with

his basket. "Anat Surat Suro?" the sheathed knife is then patiently displayed to

the group. "El Surat brih'h tofan li?"

Sabri sighs helplessly, but shrugs his shoulders as the native stands - at least

he tried. Standing soon after the own native, he glances at Kasmira who speaks a

word of that -stuff- and he blinks a bit. "Well, then…" he mutters and then

turns his attention to the Natives display of the knife. Sabri looks at it for a

moment, furrowing his alreayd low brow, as if appraising the knife. The

experienced smith mutters a low 'hummm' and then reaches back to remove his own

Jambiya from it's sheath, holding it flat in his palm for the Native to see, to

which he arches an eyebrow curiously. He then points to his Jambiya, and offers

in a slow, drawn out tone, "Kn-iii-fe"

Kasmira looks up with a blink as though finally noticing that there's a crowd.

"Y-Yes, Matriarch Agatam." Her papers now have some of the best information

she's retrieved since coming to this land, and she clutches them like precious

jewels as she makes her way in Raisa and Sabri's direction. Appropriately

relocated she returns the native's bow and echoes, "El Kyit." To Sabri, she

smiles politely and shows him her notes.
"Pata, I think I can help a little. I only know a few of the words,

and… I don't know many of those. 'El Kyit' was a greeting. I think he is

telling us about his knife, and his basket. I think he wants us to see that he

has not drawn his weapon."
Again in her stilted tongue, she tries, "S-surat?" She seems aware that

it's a stupid thing to say, but at least it's something.

Dimitar has left.

K'Lya, the Native latches on quickly it seems. He looks quickly back to Sabri

and gives him another of his salesmans smiles. "Anat Surat Spear." he states

emphatically. "anasan Anat Surat Kn-iii-fe." Spear and Kn-iii-fe are both

obviously su'ndi words he has picked up along the way. A similar smile is

offered to Kasmira. "El Surat? Anat" he shows her the basket. "Surat Spear." A

hand is pointed in Ovidio's direction and he puts his fingers to his lips.

"Laran hanit arat shoo'li"

Raisa nods her head once again in acknowledgement to Kasmira, realizing she has

it well in hand. She turns to inform Sabri, "Sabri.. I'm sure we'll hear about

this at the next meeting?" She knows the answer already and turns with Aja on

her shoulder still and strides from the marketplace.

Raisa has left.

Kasmira nods her head, brows furrowed in focus as she writes. "I think that…

'Anat Surat' means something like, 'this is my'. Or maybe that's what 'anat'

means, and the 'surat' part is some sort of qualifier? I wonder if he'd be

willing to tell me all the words he knows?" Even just a lexicon with no

definitions would be a tremendous help. Also an incomprehensible amount of work.
Smiling back at the native, she nods her head. "Bass-ket. Surat basket."

K'lya, the Native watches Kasmira and repeats "bass-ket." before handing her a

piece of the brown 'food' from his basket that Calanthe so wonderfully described

as 'dung' "Bass-ket" he offers her the item and then touches his mouth. "kyit'su

slin" (the ' is basically a click sound.) He waits, takes a deep breath and then

repeats his previous requests only now with the new word. "bass-ket surat spear

anasan Anat Surat Kn-iii-fe."

Kasmira looks at the brown lump in her hand, a hint of fear in her face. Dammit,

K'Lya, she's a historian, not a diplomat. In the interests of international

cooperation, she closes her eyes and bites into it. A cautious chew. Then

"Mmmm… that's wonderful!" She takes another bite, then clutches the

treat between her teeth in a slightly unladylike manner while she digs through

her pack and comes up with a little cloth parcel. From within she withdraws a

simple rice biscuit, and offers it toward the native.
"Anat surat biscuit." She seems a little more confident in her

pronunciation now. Vocabulary, not so much.

K'Lya, the Native gives the item offered by Kasmira a curious look before

lightly taking the bisquit from Kasmira's hand and tucking it away in his

basket. "K'lya surat." he says with a smile. "Anat Surat Spear." he points

meaningfully at Ovidio.

"Does he want my spear or something, dear sister?" Ovidio asks of Kasmira,

speaking now that Sabri's left the premises. He's making last-minute bindings to

the wagon in order to bring it back home. Sliding off the horse, he rests the

butt of the spear against the ground.

Kasmira all but jumps when Ovidio speaks up, blinking at him wide-eyed. Holding

her native-granted snack in one hand, she takes a moment to look over the rest

of the crowd and ensure no further surprises. Her mouth opens with a look of

confidence before she pauses and states, "I don't know. I think he's calling you

his spear, but… that hardly makes any sense. He seems friendly enough. You

could offer it to him, as a sign of good will?"

Looking back to their guest, she returns his smile but says nothing. If

only she had some sort of objective knowledge of what a K'Lya was… alas she

does not, and so it is just another unknown word.

K'Lya, the Native looks between the two as they speak before asking again but a

little different this time. "bas-ket surat kn-iii-fe?"

"We cannot trade with them. However," Ovidio grins. "As I took the foodstuff

from him and gave nothing in exchange, I believe that repayment for the lost

product is in order, per our custom. Ask him, if you can, if he would like coins

to make up for the food."

Kasmira seems confused, giving her head a shake, "I'm sorry, brother. I do not

know his language that well. Surely we can consider this an exchange of gifts

and worry about trade formalities later?" There's a pleading look in her eyes,

one that says, 'this is what I came here for.' "I think that he's saying that

the knife goes in the basket? I don't know. If only I'd had a little more time

to study…"

"This is going to get me in trouble with the Patriarch but, what the heck. I

don't like to get told off that way." Ovidio reaches out for his knife and

places it in the Native's basket. "A gift for a gift. If you stick this in a

Kihoan I will probably have to march and kill you." This is spoken in a monotone

toward K'Lya, who might not understand it anyway.

K'Lya, the Native glances back at the heavens again and then back down again his

expression showing that what he sees is of concern to him. Thats about when

Ovidio actually offers over the weapon. K'lya moves over to Ovidio and presses

the baskets into his hands before repeating the baffling word once more. "El

Surat." That done he takes the jambiya, steps back and bows to them both. "An

Kyit an."

"May luck bless your path," Ovidio murmurs to the native, glancing at Kasmira

and then the basket. He offers it toward her. "Put this in the doorstep of one

of the poorer houses or somewhere where this food would actually be eaten. Both

of us know how good this happens to be and, apparently, we're the only ones to

make any sort of meaningful contact."

Kasmira practically beams at Ovidio, "Thank you, brother." She bows her head to

K'lya and echoes his words, "El Surat. An Kyit an." Her papers are tucked

carefully back in her backpacks, then she goes to retrieve the basket as


K'Lya, the Native bows once more and then he heads off back to the northwest.