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Kasmira has arrived.
Ankita sits down at Table 1.
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The event, Council Meeting will be happening at Jasmine Ball Room in 5 minutes.

See +cal 1 for more info.

Dimitar steps into the Jasmine ballroom with a proud, erect posture and yet

manages to make such a gait seem casual and effortless. The soft leather of his

calf-high boots allows him to make minimal noise as he approaches the gathering

crowd within. Spotting Maytana amongst the closer portion of attendees, the

newly instated Patriarch of House Agatam heads across to greet her with a quiet,

"Hello, Maytana," before stepping and standing beside her, patiently awaiting an

official start.

Maytana is settled within the ballroom, dark eyes wide as she regards the

happenings. When her brother settles nearby, she flashes him a sweet smile, and

dips her head in greeting, "Hello. Pata." The quirk of her lips would indicate

some amusement at having to call her brother that, but, she doesn't say anything

else. Hands smooth her veil over her face and hair, making sure she's properly


Kasmira makes her way in, head held high and shoulders back in her very best

stately posture. It's the easiest part of being a Matriarch. Her steps are soft

on the floor as her eyes calmly scan the room, head dipping with a smile in a

polite nod to those she recognizes. Her gaze stays on Dimitar a moment longer

than the others, more specifically his hand. Then it moves to Dardan and her

posture relaxes subtly, merely a bit more ease in her stride and stance. Once

she has located what she believes to be Zeru's part of the hall, she takes her

place there and stands with hands folded before herself. Her calm demeanor is

betrayed by the occasional glance at the door.

Ankita sits at a table, absently twisting her family ring on her finger, having

gotten here early it seems. Her honey-blond hair cascades over her cheeks,

acting like a little veil, and it's clear she's nervous and out of her element.

Her eyes pan around the room as she downright embrasses the regality of her

house by bouncing her knee under the table, and trying to will herself into


If Dimitar is nervous, it doesn't show on his face or posture, or even in his

tone of voice. Holding his pristine decorum as he has been taught, the man dips

his head in response to Maytana's slightly amused acknowledge of his status.
"The Council has not began, I presume?" he wonders of his younger sibling, even

as his eyes scan the lack of activity in the room. No sooner does he say that,

the gloved hands clasp behind his back casually, assisting the forwardness of

his torso and correct curviture of his spine.

Uthio has arrived.

Dardan has no hint of shyness in his mannerisms either. He finds his way to his

own special seating area and then sits himself with a slightly dramatic sweep of

his fancy robe. "It will start when the Governor or his representative arrives."

Maytana shakes her head at Dimitar's question, "Not yet, no, Pata." Again, that

bit of amusement. She watches as people continue filtering in.

Uthio has left.

Uxio has been here for some time, although withdrawn and speaking with several

members of the Jasmine house about the details of the meeting and various other

organizational details and sundries. As various members of the counc arrives, he

makes note of them, but does not interrupt the casual conversation that takes

place at the outset. At least, he allows everyone a certain amount of time to

settle in. And only that much. "We shall get the meeting under way with those

available. Everyone, please be seated. I will make inquiries if the Jalel are

able to send some proxy for the time being."

Sabri has arrived.

Kleio has arrived.

As more people filter in, Uxio seems to be just getting the meeting under way.

He seats himself, and gestures for everyone else to settle themselves. "As soon

as everyone has settled, we shall begin. The only item on our agenda tonight is

the situation with the natives. This is obviously a large and open matter, so I

will ask for official reports first, followed by open discussion among the

families to outline and vote on an initial course of action." This said, the

Governor casts a quick glance around the table. "I open the floor for reports on

the situation only, at this time. Please restrict yourselves to factual

commentary only at this point, such as the incident with the recent native

incursion into the colony, or any other discoveries made."

Maytana settles into a seat not far from Dimitar, though she does smile at the

other people who enter the ballroom. When Uxio begins to speak, she quiets,

focusing her attention on him, her hands folding neatly in her lap.

Dardan moves to his feet as Uxio asks for reports. "I have not directly seen

these natives myself but I have seen the proof of their existence." he gestures

to Ankita. "Matriarch Ankita herself was accosted by one of them. I recommend

she speaks for herself but I would like to add that I have seen the proof and

add my voice in support of her report." he waits for a moment and then seats

himself back down.

Sabri seems to lean back in his chair a bit, as if attempting to get comfortable

in the nicities of the ballroom. His attentively furrowed brow so acustomed to

the man doesn't waiver much as the Governer speaks. Though as he opens the

floor, he extends a single calloused hand upward, two fingers partially extended

as if to note he's something to note on the matter. With that, he stands upward

and straightens his attire against his husky frame. "Speaking from personal

experience with the native - From first incounter, They seem to be docile,

though not entirely civilized. I'de attempted to pull the location of where the

Native had arrived from the surrounding area, he couldn't grasp the concept.

Their language is a series of..brutish sounds and clicks. And how they've come

to compose such a dark, complex skin complexion is beyond me. Though personally,

I don't see they pose a threat, very primitive, and physically, very


Arum has arrived.

Dimitar seats himself as the Governor and his father bids them all to, slipping

down into his seat and sitting rigidly as he places his hands on his lap. A

slow, considering glance is given to a variety of people, pausing to listen to

Dardan's announcement before Dimitar himself follows in a similar manner; rising

up, clearing his throat and calling out simply; "I have a report of minimal

information on contact with a young native in the market, as I was not entirely

present throughout the proceedings.." That's all he extends before sitting, then

letting Sabri expand at further length. Dimitar merely waits to be summoned, but

doesn't seem particularly bothered about whether or not he is.

Ankita raises her head up, and her eyes flicker around the room. Her high

pitched, sort of dulcet voice cracks a little. Is she the youngest 'Matriarch'

in the place? Maybe. Hell. "As, everybody probably knows, House Uneli is..um, at

the outskirts, the eastern most estate, ringed by grasslands and within open

view of the, um…jungle." She nervously plays with her hair. "Like I told the

Magister, I had a direct contact with one, shortly after the first planting of

the season. It's always best to get the seeds into the ground before the warmer

months, because turning the earth causes heat to build in the soil, and if you

plant too late, you can kill the seedlings…and…" She blushes a little in her

pretty face, obviously very nervous. "that's..um, probably not at all relavent,

but… A native, short fellow, accosted me and took posession of my knife. While

he was distracted with robbing me, I managed to get a hold of his spear and

chased him off, but I think we got some communication going. I gave the spear to

the Magister, though he's sent it back…" "I think he told me his name, Ky-lus

or something, and pointed off to the east as if to tell me where he was from." A

pause, and she looks around, seeing eyes on her, and retreating behind her hair.

"There, um, have been reports from the workers in the fields that they have

spotted shapes of figures in the grasslands watching the estate and plantations.

Hunters perhaps, by their sillohuettes. I've had Hafiz on extra alert, just

incase they decide they want to steal anything else." Another beat, and she

adds, "I got a new knife, in case anybody was wondering." just to complete her

babbling nervous ramble.

Kasmira watches Sabri stand with a blink of surprise, her face hard to read as

he gives his report. As it goes on, her brows furrow and her lips curve into a

frown. Lacking the confidence to leap into her own account without first being

addressed, she says on, "Wait, that is not right." Eyes shifting sharply to Uxio

she speaks up, "Governor, I have something I wish to add to Patriarch Sabri's

account." At this point she does rise, saying something quietly to Sabri.

Uxio sits silently and listens as the various members of the chamber give their

reports. When he spots Arum entering, he gestures at some open place around the

room, presumably to indicate that the new arrival should join the rest of them

in sitting. When Dardan speaks, he glances toward Ankita expectantly, but Sabri

steals his attention again with his report. When the man is done, he simply nods

at Dimitar but waits to hear the young Uneli Matriarch's report in full.

Everything remains silence on his part, even listening to these details, until

Kasmira speaks up. "Please, do offer whatever knowledge you have of the matter.

I wish all our information on the table, little enough as it is."

Dardan half turns to look at Kasmira when she states her intention to speak. His

curiosity clearly engaged.

Maytana turns her dark eyes to Ankita's account, those eyes widening a little

bit as the woman speaks her account. She looks at Dimitar, then over to Sabri,

then to Kasmira as they all speak, looking a little shocked by Ankita's story.
Sabri seems legitimatly amused at kasmira, though seems far from about to

object, he turns his head toward her, inclining his chin slightly to listen to

what she has to say.

Kasmira bows her head politely to Uxio, "Thank you, Governor." Looking over the

room, her nerves flutter through her eyes before they harden, shoved aside for

the sake of something the historian seems to find significant.

"We do not know enough about them to call them savages. They are

different, yes. But it is not Patriarch Sabri's concept that the native could

not understand, it is his language. I have found an unfamiliar tongue written in

the ruins of this jungle, and I have studied enough to learn a few of its words.

I spoke some of these words to the native and he understood." She pauses, as

though expecting that to sink in. "They speak a form of that ancient language.

Given time, I can learn it. I will learn it."

Looking right at Uxio, she continues, "Our people have lost a great deal

of our own history. Not misplaced. Not ignored. Lost. Between fire and neglect,

those years are gone forever. We can now only guess what had happened." A hand

lifts, pointing in the vague direction of the jungle, "Out there is another

history, and another people to whom it gave birth. If we rush to 'civilize'

these people, or to dominate them, we will crush that history just as surely as

demolishing a tomb to steal its treasures. We cannot destroy another history.

Not when we are the guests in this land."
Her gaze shifts to Sabri, then back across the room. "I was in the

market place that day, as I have said. The native was friendly and eager to

exchange gifts. He taught me some of his words, and learned some of ours. There

can be peace here. But only… only… if we are willing to work for it."
Ankita interjects after Kasmira's silliloquey, "And the fellow I spoke too

seemed to be intelligent and nice enough, one I had a spear pointing at him!"

She squeaks helpfully.

Kleio listens to the speeches, or at least things that sound rather like

speeches, as she leans back in her table and can be heard by those nearby to

mutter "Quite friendly actions."

Uxio listens once again. When the time comes that he speaks up once more, it is

in rather succinct fashion, directed back at Kasmira in the same way she

addressed him. "How long?" He pauses, and then elaborates slightly, "How long do

you think it will take for you to learn to communicate with them?" He doesn't

say more: Asking questions, framing the discussion, is the most pivotal part of

his place in these meetings. But the question suggests a great deal.
Maytana seems impressed by what Kasmira has to say, giving a faint little nod in

agreement. Then, she blinks, glancing at Ankita's squeaking. She shifts a bit in

her seat, but remains quiet. She was sent away from her only interaction with

the natives, after all.

Kasmira glances in Ankita's direction, subconsciously shifting her weight away

from the woman. Her head snaps up as Uxio addresses her, and for a moment

silence hangs in the air, the historian running the calculations in her head.

"Two months. If I am allowed to come to the ruins or if we could find a native

who is willing to help me learn, it could be less than that."
Sabri peeks at kasmira as she speaks, though shifts his jaw a bit at her, to

him, ludicrous way of thinking. His typically furrowed brow seems to furrow a

bit more and he hooks his thumbs a long his belt casually. Curiously, he directs

his eyes toward Uxio

Uxio simply nods at the answere offered and then glances around. "Are there any

others who wish to give reports on their encounters with the natives, or any

other experiences with them that might be relevant to this discussion?"
Dimitar raises a hand silently, to express his desire.

The Patriarch of The Jasmine House walked casually, but not slowly, into the

ballroom. He inclined his head respectfully towards the Governor when the man

gestured towards a place for him to sit and made his way towards the same empty

seat to take his place among the group. Flashing a sheepish smile, he raised his

right hand to smooth his hair back in an attempt to keep the silken strands away

from his eyes. But once in his seat he became serious, listening to the others

with his hands clasped in front of him. The idea that they would try to

communicate with the natives caused Arum to lean forward in his seat a little.

Suddenly more alert than he was moments ago, he looks around the room to see if

anyone else has anything to say. His gaze shifts to Dimitar when the Agatam

Patriarch raises his hand.

"House Agatam," Uxio acknowledges Dimitar, gesturing to him. "Please speak."
Women are strange, puzzling creatures indeed.

Ankita glances through her curtain of ringlets at the other leader-types in the

room, drifting to Dimitar's hand, and then down to his face, and then his chest,

and to his crotch where it lingers for a moment. Looks OK. But could just be new

pants concealing some sort of horrific festering injury that is slowly eating

away his insides. She pushes the half eaten plate of chickpea delight from in

front of her, suddenly not hungry.

Kasmira's lengthy stream of words are heard by Dimitar, but he seems rather

silent and unresponsive on the matter. When eventually the current Agatam

Patriarch is given invitation to stand, he does so without fanfare. Once

comfortable in his footing, hands are laid on the lip of the table that is

positioned before his thighs, Dimitar lifts his chin and begins his account of

what he knows:
"It is true that a native has made contact with us in clear intention of

some sort of non-hostile manner, in the market, not too long ago. When I

arrived, it seemed that Sir Ovidio of House Zeru was in the midst of some

attempt at communicating with the clearly young, rather innocent-appearing male.

Although armed with rudimentary gear, he /was/ in possession of a knife that is

similar to ours; of Su'ndi craft."
Reaching into his sash, a gloved hand belonging to Dimitar pulls a

hunting knife and pushes it across the table to Uxio, seeing as he took the

House Agatam placement. "Similar to this, I believe," he proposes, while

glancing towards Ankita. "Madam Ankita of House Uneli, was it a hunter's knife

of similar make that was taken from you?" he queries, but gives little chance

before he throws a thought out there to accompany it; "Because if it was, that

means they're getting braver. For the same one to encounter our kind not only

once, but twice - if not more - it is clear they're getting more insistent on

knowing us, be it for hostile or diplomatic gain."

Ankita turns to look at Dimitar, startled from her reverie, and replies with a

squeak, "I… yes.. It was a hunting knife with a banded handle, which my father

bought from a Miraj house merchant as a present for me. It came with me all the

way from Liminoa, and I miss it dearly, but I couldn't communicate that I wanted

it back from the native who took it from me, so I ended up with HIS knife

instead. Which is vastly unuseful."

Uxio glances around momentarily to see if anyone else has anything more to add.

"If there is nothing more, we will move on to discussion."

Dimitar nods simply to Ankita and sits with a mere, "Thank you, Madam."

Patiently, he then waits for motions to discuss.

Kasmira watches Dimitar attentively, one hand clasping the other before herself.

She considers his words deeply, though shining in her dark eyes. Despite her

passion for her craft and this opportunity, she has to concede. "I do not know

why he would have taken Matriarch Ankita's knife. It could be that their customs

of ownership are different from ours. He may not have considered it stealing.

Then again, maybe he did. We cannot know until we have asked."

Uxio doesn't seem to see any other requests to speak formally made, and so he

gestures. "Very well, we will move on. I put to the Council the following: We

are aware that there is a native population living beyond the colony, that it is

of uncertain numbers, limited technology, and uncertain but not overtly hostile

intent toward us. We are aware that we may be able to communicate with them in

the future, but we are unaware of much else about them at present: How they

might react to the further expansion of the colony. Thus, we must decide what

course we will take toward these natives. I open the floor to a brief general

discussion to hear the ideas of the various Houses, before calling a vote on a

course of action."

Kasmira lifts her hand and her chin, looking to Uxio, "Governor, if I may?"

Still standing, she seems to have her thoughts collected already and has not yet

lost that rare bit of enthusiasm that lets her speak them to people more

important than she.

Upon hearing the decision of the governor, Dimitar rises up fairly swiftly - and

for him, that's a show of determination or maybe even excitement. "House Agatam

proposes that we send a party of capable members into the jungle on an

expedition to explore, with House heads accepting petitions from their

respective members and selecting those they believe suitable. A fitting number

should then be selected to venture forth to try and seek and secure some ruins

to speed up research for our scholars, like Madam Kasmira of House Zeru. That

way, we can make some progress in learning of these tribes of natives, perhaps

securing some diplomatic treaties or at least learn more of them." With that

said, he hovers a few seconds and then sits down.

Sabri seems to contemplate for a moment, emitting a low, grumbled 'hrrm' in

thought, he raises a meaty, callous hand to stroke his whiskery beard slowly.

Finally, he shifts his Almandine eyes toward the Governer and lowers his hand,

folding his forge-muscled arms across his chest. "I'de propose a happy medium.

We can't yet communicate with them, and we've no knowledge of if they're

actually hostile, for all we know these actions could be their form of

reconnaissance on our civilization. They're not a threat - yet. I would propose

we designate Kasmira here to be the OutPost's official linguist, and that we

limit the communications to the locals by only those on the council. That is, to

activly engage, open response can't be helped if you're engaged by a Native.

I'de propose we also not only explore these ruins where Kasmira has learned of

the language, but set up a temporary encampment of capable soldiers, as well as

Kasmira so that they may be effectivly studied - perhaps with an archeologist to

exume and recover any artifacts of interest to assist the Outpost in being able

to learn and grow about the Native culture. Furthermore, it acts as a test to

see their reaction to potential advancement and spreading of our colony. If we

are seen around the ruins, they may very well assume we're planning to expand,

and act on that thought." he then shifts his eyes toward kasmira, clearing his

throat a bit.

Dimitar gives a low cough, covered by his hand before it drops to say, "My

apologies, Matriarch Kasmira of House Zeru," he addresses the room.

Dardan raises up to his own feet and after a moment begins to speak. "I did a

reading on this very matter. The influences of the Celestials upon the world and

it is difficult to pick out any particual path or warning from those readings.

However Selaque is strong and I feel that her presence will positively influence

any endeavors meant to discover information previously hidden to us." he pauses

to let that sink in and then starts speaking once again. "It is the opinion of

the temple that and expedition to discover more is in our best interests."

Uxio gestures for Kasmira to speak, and then promptly glances toward his son as

he rises to speak on behalf of their own house. Apparently, the idea of the

expedition seems to suit his own interest, as he nods along as the plan is

outlined, albeit without giving any verbal praise to the plan. Glancing back

over to Sabri, the nod is repeated. "I imagine these ideas are similar, or can

be easily combined? Naturally we would make sure any expedition is adequately

protected, and that our eventual encampment would be secured. If the temple also

believes this is the right course, it seems clear we should pursue it." He

glances around, "We will vote on the expedition, but I would first still like ot

hear if there are any remaining suggestions? Are we concerned for the defense of

the colony, for instance, regardless of any external exploration?"

Arum says, "My concern-" Arum suddenly begins, speaking loud enough to project

his voice so that everyone hears him clearly, "-is that these natives won't

understand our trying to communicate with an open invitation for them to wander

our lands at will. Not to mention taking things. /I/ agree with Patriarch

Sabri's proposal, but would like to add that I also suggest we continue

expanding. Maybe their 'customs of ownership' are such that, if we're tactful,

they won't even mind our continued expansion. They might not see the land as

belonging to anyone and won't see the colony's growth as being hostile.

Honestly, I don't feel we have anything to be concerned about.""

Kasmira looks from Dimitar, to Sabri, to Dardan, the speed of the dialog almost

making her head spin. Her lips part to speak as soon as Sabri concludes but the

moment Dardan starts she snaps her mouth shut and pays close attention. It seems

that what he had to say is cause enough for pause and reconsideration. A small,

silent sigh passes through her lips.
"I believe that Patriarchs Dimitar and Sabri have wise ideas. While I do

believe we should have thick skin in our dealings with the natives so that a

misunderstanding does not lead to war, I concede that we should watch for

hostilities and we must protect the lives of our people. I would also like to

study the ruins in more detail, very much so. That said, we must assume that

these ruins are of great importance to the natives. We must treat them with

respect, and I would advise against removing anything from any of the sites just

yet. If they confront us and wish us to leave the ruins, we should. They were

here first and I think it only reasonable to honor their wishes. We should also

make note of where, within our own lands, we have encountered them. If we must

expand, we should expand away from those places as clearly we will only

encounter them more if we continue in those directions. I think it only prudent

that we step lightly until we can communicate with them. If we must go to war,

let us wait until we can find out why."

"Let us not forget." Dardan raises his voice in argument. "That from all the

reports I have heard even the lowliest of our militia could take out one of

these native peoples. We should not be too enthusiastic to concede things when

we are clearly in the position of strength."

"Why do we assume that a ruin - something that by definition is left uncared

for, to be reclaimed by the jungle - are of sacred importance to the natives? If

they indicate protectiveness toward a particular place, perhaps, but it seems a

strange assumption," Uxio offers, replying to Kasmira. "Also I have to suggest

that it seems somewhat naive to imagine we can simply expand /around/ them. We

are on a peninsula, and the amount of territory available for lateral, evasive

expansion is fairly limited. Anywhere we go, we can assume we will be fairly

close to them. So I am not certain this point is realistic." Then he wonders of

the room, "Has anyone considered the construction of more permanent defenses for

the main colony grounds? Obviously expansion of our famring and such will spread

beyond the practical reach of any fortification, but should we consider

constructing a wall for the core areas, such as the family estates, to prevent

natives from wandering in any stealing what we have worked to produce?"

Sabri nods his head sternly at Dardan in agreeance, "I concur with Dardan's

position. I believe we've no reason to be overly hostile. but we should not play

the weaker of the two powers in this situation. We're the force, and like it or

not, we've taken this land.." he pauses as Uxio speaks, listening curiously, and

then nods once more, "As far as defence? Well it's a little costly to go

building towers of some sort, not only does it require much materials, you've

need to provide the bodies to man the towers. I should like to think that

realistically, we could just have one or two daily patrols, and the rest be

funded by private security. Perhaps some day we can establish permanent defense

about the farmlands, but it's a risk the farmers take, unfortunatly it's part of

the job, you will always be outside of the security of the city"
Kasmira raises her eyebrows, "Clearly? With all respect, High Priest, how

clearly? How much greater are our numbers than theirs? I do not know, and did

not think any of us did." Her eyes widen as she turns now to Uxio, the situation

starting to get away from her.
"We know that they have some relation to the ruins, and even if they

have not maintained them it also appears they have not disturbed them. If I

could only have a few months, we could simply ask them and then we need not

guess." She starts speaking more quickly now, "I know that we should be ready

for defense but if we start building permanent defenses, what will they think?

They will think we must be hostile, and just because we /might/ be able to crush

them does not mean there is any benefit in doing so. Quite the contrary, as for

however weak and savage they are, they know far more about this land than we."

She's starting to feel a little alone. Right or wrong, misguided or not, she

can't help but let her eyes stray to Dimitar for one brief moment.

"I didn't mean anything grand, necessarily," Uxio explains. "But a wooden

pallisade is hardly a difficult construction, compared to the buildings we have

already erected for our own residence. Everything must proceed in stages, of

course, that we not outstrip our own capabilities, but I imagine some light

fortifactions are hardly beyond our ability. Nor is at least a light guard to

man them. We must consider that if we DID at some point anger the natives to the

point of war, without such a defense, even if they are physically weak and

poorly armed, a large number of them could overwhelm the colony and do

significant damage. With basic walls, we could force them to choke points where

our superiority could withstand a far larger force." He casts a glance at

Kasmira. "Whatever they think of fortifications, I would personally think it

better they wonder why we have them, than we wonder why we DO NOT have them when

they decide we are the enemies and swarm over us. You yourself admit that their

numbers could be very large."

Dardan gives Kasmira a terse look at her comments. Uxio's get a nod. Then he

adds his own words to the matter. "History has proven our skill at handling huge

forces of such 'native people' in the past. I see no reason to believe it should

be otherwise. I am not saying that we should actively seek to provoke them.

Simply that we should not act as if we have a knife to our throats. From what I

have seen from their weapons they will struggle to puncture even our most simple


"I don't think it'd be much more taxing to perhaps build towers of wood - of

which there is plenty - and provide archers to guard the main colony grounds. We

might even do the same for the farmlands," Arum nods his agreement with the

Governor. "Regardless of all of the 'ifs', it all comes down to whether we want

to protect ourselves from harm. We can still prepare against any possible

hostilities while trying to communicate with them. In the few months that we

would be able to communicate efficiently with them we will be ready for a

hostile response if at any point it turns out they don't want to speak with us."

Uxio glances around and listens to see whatever further points the room might

have to raise, and then speaks up. "Very well, I believe we have discussed this

matter to the necessary extent to know all opinions on the issues at hand. I

propose the following two items for vote: The first item shall be the

commissionining of an expedition into the jungle. This expedition shall be

manned by individuals selected by each house, armed sufficiently for defense

against any threat, and charged with the goal of exploring nearby territory,

locating a native ruin, and forming a permanent encampent there,

suitably-defended. The houses will each contribute equally to the expedition,

providing according to their own specialties and resources but of equal value

and labor. Contact by colonists with the natives outside of this expedition will

also henceforce be forbidden without approval from the Council or extentuating

circumstances." He pauses and draws a breath, "The second item is the creation

of a wooden pallisade around the core of the colony, to defend the family

estates and other core properties, the cost of which will also be born equally

by the houses in materials, dinar and labor."

Sabri easilly releases the furrow of his brow for the first time in the meeting,

and easily raises his large hand, "I vote in favor of both actions"
"As do I," Arum says immediately after Sabri. Smiling, and with eyebrows raised

questioningly towards the other family Heads, he raises the hand on which he

wears his family signet.

Dimitar has little to say against the matters at hand, so when the suggestions

for alternative items of discussion are invited, he remains silent and still.

Only after it passes and the voting begins, Dimitar rises up once more to vote:
"As Patriarch of House Agatam and holding the vote of Matriarch Raisa

with her absence, I put forth two votes in favor of both proposals on the table,

particularly to scout for a suitable site of ruins or similar point of interest

which our scholars can learn from and that we can secure, if possible. If not,

to retrieve as many tracings of the scripts there for their studies and as

Matriarch Kasmira notes, not disturb anything in case of causing immediate

offence through desecration - at least until we determine if it will do more

good for us than them."

Dardan nods once "On behalf of the Kassoan temple. I vote for both of these


Kasmira watches the hands go up and the voices raise. There seems to be some

deliberation going on in her head, her gaze distant and thoughtful. Finally her

hand lifts, showing the Zeru Matriarch ring she wears, "The Matriarch of Zeru

votes in favor of both, with mind to Patriarch Dimitar's recommendation that we

make efforts not to offend."

"Some of the voting members of this council are absent and their votes

unaccounted for. However, with seven votes in favor of both proposals, and no

votes opposing, I believe we can declare the Council in support of both these

measures." Uxio glances around the chamber. "Patiarchs, Matriarch, High Priest -

you have my thanks, and I call this session adjourned."