First Council Session

First council session was called by Patriarch Sahin Anassid.

His first question was

Will we grant the Su'Rai people a pact of non aggression that binds all Houses equally? This pact must call for tribute to demonstrate our position in this matter and to show that we do not take the kidnap and abuse of one of our own lightly. What say you?

Kassanid - yes yes
Ankineid - Yes Yes
Anassid - Yes Yes
Sabunid - Yes Yes
Delrineid - No No
Magisters - Yes Yes
Efranis - No No

His second question

Shall we make it unlawful to trade any metal goods, in particular weapons and armors, to the Su'Rai people."

Kassanid - yes yes
Ankineid - yes yes
Anassid - yes yes
Sabunid - yes yes
Delrineid - yes yes
Magisters - yes yes
Efranis - yes yes

His third question

My question is this. Who shall we nominate to undertake the task of negotiating the tribute and pact with the Su'Rai people?" Extended to the 15th August (IC). Vote result is here su'rai negotiator vote