Su Rai Negotiator Vote

Patriarch Hizad has been voted as the negotiator take the demand for tribute and offer a non alliance pact to the Su'Rai peoples. Patriarch Hizad is now responsible for ensuring that this negotiation takes place and for the recruitment of his own team should he want one.

The voting was as follows:

The question: "My question is this. Who shall we nominate to undertake the task of negotiating the tribute and pact with the Su'Rai people?"

The votes:

Ziel - two from Kassanid
Hizad - two from Sabunid, two from Anassid, two from Efranis.
Perros - two from Magisters, two from Ankineid
House Delrineid did not vote this time.

This vote was originally raised in the first council session called by Sahin.