The Su'ndari Empire is split into a number of provinces that all owe allegiance to the central Su'ndi province. An impressive network of trade roads, river and sea roads are maintained by each province to facilitate the constant movement of trade within an Empire ever hungry for new goods and experiences.

The continent is simply known as the world or the empire to those who live within its borders despite the fact that recent discoveries have provided knowledge that other islands and continents exist outside the lands occupied by the Su'ndarian Empire.

The untamed expanses are a quagmire of difficult terrains that have resisted Su'ndarian conquest for hundreds and hundreds of years. These regions raid the outlying provinces and provide endless opportunities for exploration and heroic military action.

Except for the lands of the untamed expanses the entire Su'ndarian Empire is at peace. Provinces occasionally raid each other and the borders shift according to these endless struggles but open warfare is made impossible by the military might and restrictions of the central Su'ndi Province. This does not mean that the lives of the everyday people are always safe however. It is common for outlaws to roam the areas between military outposts and bands of family-less citizens sometimes rise up in desperation to form groups of bandits and other criminals. The Su'ndarian Provinces do their best to keep such criminals under control but they are never entirely successful in their endeavers.

The Anjanalan Kingdom was discovered by accident a few decades ago when an Anjanalan ship stumbled into an Elsijoan port. Everything known about the kingdom comes from these hapless explorers as no ship has managed to sail to the location where it is believed to exist - or none have returned. These sailors speak of a land of states run by petty kings where the commoners are subjugated under the harsh rule of kings, nobles and knights.

The Kassoan Peninsula is a seemingly unoccupied region which can only be reached when the trade-winds are blowing in a favorable way. A colony has been set up there to try and take advantage of the extremely lush areas and the exotic forests. In addition to the great natural wealth the landmass offers much of interest to scholars - native peoples, ruins and unknown flora and fauna are just the tip of what might be discovered.