Minerals And Gemstones

Precious and Semi Precious Stones

Manufactured Stones

Ruby Silver Doublet Stone
rubysilver.jpg doubletstone.jpg

Mined Stones

Please note that most gemstones are found in an uncut state. A stoneworker needs to 'make cut gemtype' before they will reach full value.

Precious Stones

Amethyst Diamond Emerald Topaz
amethyst.jpg diamond.jpg emerald.jpg topaz.jpg
Sapphire Ruby Garnet
sapphire.jpg ruby.jpg garnet.jpg

Semi-Precious Stones

Amber Jade Sunstone Onyx
amber.jpg jade.jpg sunstone.jpg onyx.jpg
Quartz Crystal Moonstone Freshwater Pearl Tourmaline
quartz.jpg moonstone.jpg musselpearl.jpg tourmaline.jpg

Imported Stones

Oyster Pearl Opal Turquoise Tullite
oysterpearl.jpg opal.jpg turquoise.jpg tullite.jpg

Ores and Minerals

Malachite Pyrite Hematite Galena
malachite.jpg pyrite.jpg hematite.jpg galena.jpg
Flourite Cassiterite Proustite Sand
flourite.jpg cassiterite.jpg proustite.jpg sand.jpg
Marble Flint Granite Clay
marble.jpg flint.jpg granite.jpg clay.jpg
Salt Wax
salt.jpg beeswax.jpg

Precious Substances


Frankincense Acacia Gum Myrrh
frankincense.jpg acaciagum.jpg myrrh.jpg


Sandalwood Lumber Luxury Horn/Antler
sandalwood.jpg luxurywood.jpg horn.jpg
Ivory Animal Skins Feathers
ivory.jpg pelts.jpg feathers.jpg

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