For reasons lost in the dawns of time, three great world dragons coiled around each other and entered a deep state of slumber. These slumbering beings attracted elementals, desiring to be close to the magical core of the dragons,into the world. Erta attracted those that desired to be surrounded by solid forms, Aquara attracted those that loved liquid and Flama attracted those who held the heat of fire about their essence. About Erta, Aquara and Flama another type of elemental gathered; desiring to be close to the magical bodies of the dragons but unable to ever touch it as the dragons were the very opposite of their form. These are the elementals of movement and ether.

Each elemental used it's magic to surround itself with that which it found most comfortable. Aquara's elementals made the oceans and lakes. Erta's elementals formed soil and rock. Flama's elementals surrounded themselves with fire, magma and heat. Ether's elementals formed the clouds and wind.

Thus it was that the world, yet bereft of life, was formed. Nothing but a ball of rock, water, air and flame wracked by the occasional shudder as the great dragons shift in their slumber beneath the coat of earth, shaped by the timeless games of the elementals.

Then one day the great mother, or the elementals of life itself, were drawn to the coiled dragons. Many theories exist as to her nature. In the ancient religions she was considered a goddess but in these enlightened times it is understood to be naught but a collections of elementals of another type; a type that carries the spark of life as the spark of water was carried within the bodies of the elementals attracted to Aquara's form. From this spark of life animals, people, birds and fishes began to take shape. These sparks are the foundation of the old myths of Gods that still echo deep in the deserts.

That was the day that history started.